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  • 10,000 RMB\month after tax.
    ob 424: School in Futian, Shenzhen. (XLSTZ)
    Min 10,000 RMB\month after tax.
    Min 15,000 for AP, SAT teachers with teaching license.
    Prefer graduated from certain universities like:
    Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Pennsylvania, California Technology, Massuchusetts Technology, Duke, Dartmouth, Chicago, Northwestern, JohnsHopkins, Washington, Brown, Cornell, Rice, Vanderbilt, NotreDame, Emory, Georgetown, CarnegieMellon, California, SouthernCalifornia, Virginia, WakeForest, Tufts, Michagin-Annarbor, NorthCarolina, Boston, William & Mary, NewYork, Brandels, Georgia Technology,...
    Shenzhen Jobs | School in Futian
    ID:214041| 2014/08/10/13点
  • 12,000(after tax) /month
    Primary School in Futian needs full-time teachers (Futian, Shenzhen)

    Futian District. 3-5 minutes walking distance from the Metro Station.
    It's near the Futian Checkpoint Area.

    Primary school students. 7-12 years old kids.
    15-20 students in each group.
    We have TA in the classroom.

    We pay 12,000(after tax) every month. It's 11,000 during probation(3 months).
    Full salary paid during winter and summer holiday.

    Working hours:
    Work from Monday to Friday, 7:45am to 4:45pm, with 2 hours lunch break.
    About 20 classes each week, and 40 minutes each class...
    Shenzhen Jobs | Primary School in Futian
    ID:214040| 2014/08/10/09点
  • Hebei Jobs > EDU
    Salary: 9000rmb per month in the first probation. Then about 10000rmb per month
    Payed on 10th every month
    About 2200rmb travel allowance every year
    Have one weekend, and National holidays
    For one year contract, round way flight ticket reimbursement
    One free apartment with one bedroon, one toliet and one kichen
    Medical insurance

    Native teacher with qualifications to apply for Z visa
    Between 24-50 years old
    One year contract
    Bachelor degree, TEFL certificate

    Job description:
    About 20 classes every week, 45 minutes every class, about 1-2 activities ,
    Provide ...
    Shijiazhuang Jobs | Simply Hired Global Co.,Ltd
    ID:213969| 2014/08/09/17点
  • Anhui Jobs > EDU
    10000rmb per month
    Native teacher with passion get on well with students
    Between 23-55 years old
    For one year contract starting from September
    At least Bachelor degree

    Job description:
    Class: about 15 classes every week, primary listening , reading, writing, Middle school oral English ,
    Textbook provided by the school
    Take part in some trainings and visit other schools, manage the students with Chinese dean
    Students about 6-14 years old
    About 20-35 students every class
    With office hours

    Salary: above 10000rmb, which can be negotiated with the school
    Provide you Z visa
    Have 2...
    Hefei Jobs | Simply Hired Global Co.,Ltd
    ID:213968| 2014/08/09/17点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    500RMB-7000RMB (free of Tax)
    Our company is Beijing China New International Culture Exchange Center. If you would like to enrich your teaching experience while explore this great nation here. I would like invite you to working with us.
    We have been working with government schools throughout the whole country. We will try our best to assist you to find a teaching job by providing you with transparent information that you need.
    If you would like to work with us, please respond to this email for further details. We would like to learn more about your background and your plan.

    To apply for those positions, please e-mail...
    Beijing China New International Culture Excha
    ID:214039| 2014/08/09/11点
  • RMB15,000-17,000/month before tax
    Kids' Training school Teachers Needed in Shenzhen ASAP

    (15,000-17,000/m + housing)Kindergarten Teacher Needed Urgently Needed in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province;

    Job Description:
    1. Subject: Oral English;
    2. Students: little kids;
    3. Period: one year contract;
    4. Classes: 20-22 hours/week;
    5. No office hours;
    6. Teaching schedule: You will have 2 days off during the weekday.

    1. Salary is around RMB15,000-17,000/month before tax;
    2. Work visa.
    3. Provide accommodation
    4. Airfare reimbursement included

    1. BA degree or above
    2. American and Au...
    Shenzhen Jobs | Kids' Training schoo
    ID:214038| 2014/08/09/08点
  • Fujian Jobs > EDU

    King's International English, founded in 2004, is well-known as a leading school in Fujian. Headquartered in Xiamen, it has 12 schools in Fujian.

    King's International English has been providing high-quality language training for both adults and kids. We devotes to building an interesting and advanced English environment to help students learn the language in a happy way. Our goal is to help students become a confident user of English in an international business, academic, political or social setting, particularly with strong skills in Listening and speaking. And we finally help students t...
    Fuzhou Jobs | King's International English
    ID:214037| 2014/08/08/11点
  • 16,000-20,000 HK$/month
    HK Job 308: School in HongKong (Downtown area) (BCZJ):
    Can choose to teach kindergarten, primary, middle, high school.
    16,000-20,000 HK$/month.
    Full month salary of winter and summer holidays after 1 year contract.
    7:45 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m.
    26 periods per week (45min per period).
    Have lunch break.
    Monday to Friday.
    Paid at the end of the same month.
    About 20 students/class.
    Will process and pay for working visa.
    Will assist in finding housing.
    French\Computer\ESL\Math\Economics\Physics teachers needed.
    ESL\ART\MUSIC\PE teachers needed in PRIMARY SCHOOL.
    40 years old history.
    School in HongKong (Downtown area) (BCZJ)
    ID:214033| 2014/08/08/11点
  • 5500RMB-7000RMB (free of Tax)
    Are you interested in teaching English in China? If you would like to enrich your teaching experience while explore this great nation here. I would like invite you to working with us.
    We have been working with government schools throughout the whole country. Profoundly believing in "A happy teacher makes a great teacher". We will try our best to assist you to find a teaching job by providing you with transparent information that you need.
    If you would like to work with us, please respond to this email for further details. We would like to learn more about your background and your plan.

    Guangzhou Jobs | school
    ID:214036| 2014/08/08/10点
  • Fujian Jobs > EDU
    7,000 RMB monthly
    Teaching Position: English teaching for a public college

    Workplace: Fuzhou, Fujian

    Date to Start: 2014 early September

    Work schedule: 16 lessons per week, 5 hours' office time, rest on weekend

    Salary: 7,000 RMB monthly

    Visa: apply for work visa

    Living Assistance: provide good apartment

    Bonus: 2,000 RMB sightseeing bonus provided per year, 4,000 RMB flight allowance per term

    Requirements: bachelor degree, two years' or more teaching experience, TEFL/TESOL qualified

    Documents for Application:
    Current CV
    A recent photo
    Copy of your passport data page
    Copy of you...
    Fuzhou Jobs | Fuzhou public college
    ID:214035| 2014/08/08/10点
  • 15000-17000RMB /Month
    This fantastic opportunity is available to all candidates in China and overseas. You are required to have teaching experience and will be working in middle schools in Shenzhen city. Full training and support is offered as well as a legal working visa. You are required to be a BA degree holder and Canadian to be accepted for this position. The positions including Geography, History and Politics start in September. The working time and salary packages are as below: 15000-17000RMB with no accommodation for 25 hours teaching weekly work +work visa, airport pick up, finding apartment assistance wil...
    Shenzhen Jobs | middle schools in Shenzhen
    ID:214032| 2014/08/07/15点
  • 11600/m
    40 Primary School ESL jobs in Shenzhen public schools, starting in Sept of 2014
    1. Number of positions: 40
    2. Position: Primary School ESL Teaching jobs
    3. Period: one year contract;
    4. Classes: up to 18 classes of 45/40 minutes a week
    5. Working days: Monday to Friday;
    6. Working time: from 8AM to 12PM; 2PM to 5:30PM; Office hours are a bit flexible.
    7. The location of the teaching: Futian district, Shenzhen

    1. Salary: 8,000/m before tax + 3,600/month housing allowance;
    2. Bonus: 10,000 RMB
    3. Annual accident insurance will be purchased for you;
    4. Social security in...
    Shenzhen Jobs | Futian Primary School
    ID:214029| 2014/08/07/08点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    One of beijing's public school wanted a foreign teacher to teach in their school, if someone want to work and visit the beatiful city, just contact me.
    Job Description:
    1.Basic salary: 6000--8000rmb
    2.provide private accommodation and mealls.
    3. less than 20 classes/week (no office hour)
    Work time: from Monday to Friday, weekend off.
    5. each class last 45 mins.
    6. work from Monday to Friday, no work on weekend.
    7. Airport pick-up
    8. .insurance: Full medical coverage of all accidental and critical cares issues.
    9. If you can work for one year, the school can give 5000 RMB as flight a...
    ID:214024| 2014/08/05/13点
  • 12000-15000RMB /Month
    Here is a lovely training center looking for English teachers to teach in their training centers in Bao'an district and Nanshan Distircit, Shenzhen now. Its nice environment will make you quite comfortable there. The students age 3-15 years old, usually around 3-6 years old. A class is consisted of less than 6 students. You will get Chinese teaching Assistant each class.The salary is 12000-15000rmb per month. 2 days off a week, in total 40 hours, including less than 25 teaching hours a week. The curriculum is flexible though the content is set down, you can take your own way to teach. And you ...
    Shenzhen Jobs | training centers in Bao'an district
    ID:214030| 2014/08/05/10点
  • 10000-20000RMB
    To teach AP calculus /physics /chemistry /economics /computer / biology /history /English in top public high schools in Shenzhen/Gaungzhou/Zhuhai, China
    Students' Grade : 10-12
    Working Hour: Less than 8 hours a day
    5 days a week (Monday to Friday).
    Within 30 students / class
    Working Places: Public Schools
    School Locations:Shenzhen/Zhuhai/Guangzhou
    Other Details:
    Within 18 sessions per week, 40 minutes per session
    Salary: competitive 10000-20000RMB+ year-end bonus
    Free accommodation provided
    1-2 month(s) vacation
    We encourage whom to apply:
    English native speaker with bachelo...
    Shenzhen Jobs | top public high school (Shenzhen)
    ID:214023| 2014/08/04/11点
  • 12000-15000RMB /month
    Beijing ,Shanghai ,Guangzhou
    Salary and Benefits :
    Salary:12000-15000RMB /month
    Accommodation :Private apartment(not shared)
    Legal work visa :sponsored
    National holidays paid
    Contract period :1 year (open to renew )
    Airfare: round-trip reimbursement
    Airport pick-up :yes
    Travel allowance :2000RMB
    Students age :7-18 years old
    (including primary school ,middle school and high school )
    Work schedule :Monday to Friday .weekends off
    Material :provided

    Work location:Beijing ,Shanghai ,Guangzhou
    Start time :end of August

    Qualifications please :
    Native speakers needed ...
    ID:214022| 2014/08/03/10点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    English Teaching Position Information
    Location: flexible(in our center or the Students' home)
    Position type: Full time or part-time
    School: Pre-school education, oral English for primary school, spoken English for Middle school
    Starting time: ASAP
    Students' age:Above 2 years old to adults
    Class size:1 on 1 tutoring
    Schedule: weekday afternoon and evening, weekends
    Salary: 200-300 RMB per100 mins--part-time
    If Interested: please send your CV and photos to us.

    About our company: our company is called EASY BEST ENGLISH .We professionally do one on one teaching. Our main subject is En...
    Haidian District Jobs | EASY BEST ENGLISH
    ID:213959| 2014/08/02/13点
  • N/A
    We are looking for Foreign English teachers (America,Canada,UK,Australia,New zealand,and Ireland preferred )for the next semester which will start at the beginning of September in China.We have many positions to be filled in the primary schools,middle schools and high schools in different provinces(Hunan,Hubei,Guangdong,Jiangsu,Sichuan,Shandong,Fujian,Henan Guangxi,Chongqing and Tianjin) .

    1.Native English Speaker preferred
    2.Bachelor’s degree preferred
    3.No police record
    4.TEFL or TESOL are desirable
    5.Experience preferred but not strictly required
    6.High spirit of adventures...
    Chongqing City Jobs | Beijing Funshion International Education
    ID:213952| 2014/07/31/11点

  • This is a full time position at an international online retailer of
    electronic gadgets and mobile accessories. We are looking for a young,
    highly motivated individual to join our global team based in China,
    Europe and Australia. The position includes 2 main parts:

    1. Enlarge company's online sales in China by listing and selling
    products on local online sites.

    2. Research and source new products by following latest market trends.
    Spot hot sellers and bring new products to market. Maintain close
    business relationship with our manufacturers to develop unique product
    Shenzhen Jobs | Business Development Manager
    ID:213951| 2014/07/30/16点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    11000yuan/per month
    Beijing(Chaoyang District、HaidianDistrict)

    Job Description:
    Hi there,
    We are currently looking for qualified English teachers to teach children,teenagers and young adults.

    * Native English speakers
    * Good at interacting with and understanding young children;
    * Face to face interview required;

    Descriptions of job:--full-time
    1. Pay: 11000 RMB/month(including housing allowance)
    Bonus: 4000-8000RMB airfare reimbursement after 1 year contract
    Visa:Offer work visa
    2. Workload: average 6-7 hours per day, Wed.-Sun.
    3. Location: Beijing

    Haidian District Jobs | Sandra at Hampson English
    ID:213949| 2014/07/30/15点

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