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250 yuan RMB per hour
Foreign English Teacher Wanted
Foreign English teacher wanted
Job description:
part-time foreign teachers of spoken English.
Remuneration Package
Salary:250 yuan RMB per hour;
Teaching Load: 4 hours per week;
Teaching Dates: Choose any four days from Monday to Sunday.
Teaching Time: It is up to teacher.
1. Applicants should be NATIVE English speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
2. Devotion to teaching: patient, responsible and enthusiastic;
3. Age: between 20-55 years old.
Contact information:
Wei Zhao
Xinyu building 701, Guangqumennei Street, No.86,
Dongcheng district,Beijing.
PT | Xinyu building 701, Guangqumennei Street, No.86,
ID:250377 | 2019/01/30/05点

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