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  • Job Responsibilities & Requirements
    Design the sketches of orders & make new sample sketches.
    Must have relevant experience in a medium scale Garment trading company.
    Guangzhou Jobs | E trend international (hk) ltd
    ID:215336| 2014/11/10/09点

  • Well Paid RMB13000 Monthly Free Apartment Full-time Language Training School ESL Men Teacher Wanted in Huizhou, Guangdong
    Salary and Details
    1.Location: Huizhou, Guangdong province
    2.Students age: 3-12
    3.Monthly salary: 10000-13000
    4.Free apartment
    5.No z visa presently
    1.Native English speakers
    2.2. Age between 22-55 in good heath
    3. Bachelor degree or above
    Application Procedure:
    (If you are not Native English speaker, please do not apply for )
    1. Send application cover letter, resume, copy of your educational certificates and passport and recent photo for app...
    Huizhou Jobs | a Language Training School in Huizhou
    ID:215334| 2014/11/10/09点

  • The Snake Pit is looking for barstaff in Shekou. Basic starting salary 3000 rmb. One day a week off. One meal a day provided. Housing provided. Normal starting time 4pm. If interesred please call 13048973180 or add to wechat: Voytyuk
    Must speak some English as 90 % of customers are foreign
    Shenzhen Jobs | The Snake Pit in Shekou
    ID:215332| 2014/11/10/08点

  • There is a part-time job. We are training center. We want an English teacher who is willing to serve in education career. Be patient and kind to kids. Our student is 8-12 years old kids. If you have a little teaching experience of Longman, Cambridge English will be better. Be available to teach during weekend. If you are an English speaker and you want to work in long-term part-time, please send your resume to 106078183@qq.com or yangxxia@sina.com.
    Teaching Location: Zhejiang Jinxing Haiyan.
    Salary negotiable. Contract person: MS Recky mob phone number:13616835652
    Our school is located in ...
    Jiaxing Jobs | jiaxin training center
    ID:215446| 2014/11/09/17点

  • Applicants’ qualities

    1. Applicants will hold a good degree in their subject specialism together with graduate teaching qualifications.

    2. Applicants should have a minimum of one year’s teaching experience for child from 2-10 years old.

    3. Applicants are required to have qualities suitable for working in a developing educational context. These qualities would include an interest in educational innovation.

    Terms and conditions of employment
    1. Payment rate is highly competitive and appropriate to qualifications & experience.

    START 1st Nov, 2014

    Further information
    Pudong Jobs | 上海资修教育信息咨询有限公司
    ID:215455| 2014/11/09/17点
  • Sichuan Jobs > EDU

    1:College or above degree,Over one year work experience in teaching or teaching assistant;come from American,Europe or other English-spoken countries.
    2:Height 1.60 meters,Europe or American faces, presentable, lively, cheerful, love education work;
    3:Fluent oral English and pronunciation accurately;
    4:Good affinity and good service consciousness.
    Chengdu Jobs | Rise Immersion Subject English School
    ID:215454| 2014/11/09/17点

  • I'm Vanessa from Peninsula International English School. We're looking for part-time job English teachers who have a lot of experiences in teaching kids. If you're looking for a job. You can contact with me. Bye for now.
    Shenzhen Jobs | Peninsula International English School
    ID:215453| 2014/11/09/17点
  • Guangxi Jobs > EDU

    full-time English teacher, teach English and lead extra-curricular activities
    Baise Jobs | 广西培贤国际职业学院
    ID:215452| 2014/11/09/17点

  • Sunshine education is an organization that provide U.S. high school classes. The company has sufficient funds as well as stable customer supply. Our potential employees will enjoy high-level payment as well as excellent working enviornment and location.
    Send us your resume or call us now!
    Shenzhen Jobs | sunshine edu in Shenzhen
    ID:215451| 2014/11/09/17点
  • Guizhou Jobs > EDU

    We are looking for long term English teacher. The daily average working hours is two to four. The working days each week is six days except for Friday. There are two months of holidays every year with 60% of the basic salary. The monthly payments includes basic salary from 6000 RMB to 8000 RMB and the performance bonus which is normally around 3000 with above. With working years more than 5 years, we will offer the share of the company.
    Guizhou Province is a very special province in China with minority groups and cultures. It is near Chongqing and Chengdu. Foreign teachers can enjoy more spe...
    Zunyi Jobs | Zunyi ABC Education Consulting Co., Ltd.
    ID:215450| 2014/11/09/17点

  • Qualifications:
    1. Bachelor's degree.
    2. TEFL/CELTA or other English teaching certificate.
    3. "No Criminal Record" for the time you living and working in your country is needed.
    4. Excellent communication and presentation skills.
    5. Being extroverted, confident, friendly, open-minded and flexible.
    6. Native English speaker preferred.
    7. Teaching experience preferred.

    1. RMB8500~10000 per month based on qualifications.
    2. Furnished accommodation provided near the school.
    3. Compensation for air travel to the amount of RMB5000~9000.
    4. Extra bonus when doing s...
    Wenzhou Jobs | King's International English
    ID:215449| 2014/11/09/17点

  • Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the students AS physics
    2. Supervise students’ classroom behave

    1. English native speaker (EU COUNTRIES, UK, US, AUS, CAN)
    2. Bachelor's degree or above
    3. At least three years’ Experience of teaching high school students Alevel AS physics

    Work Hours:
    1. 12-15 hours or 10-15 classes per week
    2. 40 mins per class
    3. 7.45 a.m. -- 4.30 p.m.
    Hangzhou Jobs | hangzhou no. 4 high school
    ID:215447| 2014/11/09/17点
  • Shanghai Jobs > CORP

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Primary Responsibilities:
    This position is expected to oversee all quality concerns for the company and will be responsible for resolving issues with our suppliers; approving all products; classifying product as first quality, seconds and/or damages; determining and following through with all supplier charge-backs; supervising/directing staff in multiple domestic locations as well as China; meeting with customers, working with management to meet customer needs and develop strategy. This position would require both international and domestic travel and also local o...
    M Company Limited in Shanghai
    ID:215327| 2014/11/09/16点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    teaching American high school courses.especially public courses .full of energy ,strong appeal of live performance.
    West City Xicheng District Jobs | Jinghan Education in Xicheng,Beijing
    ID:215444| 2014/11/09/16点

  • Foshan University needs one foreign teachers.

    Contract starts from Oct. 2014

    Location: Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China


    l Bachelor degree or above, TESOL or TEFL

    l Native English speakers from: US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

    l Age: 20-45

    l Passionate, creative, energetic.

    Salary and benefit:

    l ¥12000-15000/month

    l Social security payments and work visa would be covered. All meals covered.

    l Accommodations are provided

    l 2 days off per week

    l Festivals in China: New Year's Day, Spring Festiv...
    Foshan Jobs | Foshan University
    ID:215443| 2014/11/09/16点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU

    to teach primary school students
    Datong Jobs | 大同市矿务局实验小学
    ID:215442| 2014/11/09/16点

  • Guangdong Huizhou International school
    Teachers Recruitment
    * 1 primary math teacher

    Basic requirements:
    * aged 23-55
    * BA /BS degree or above
    * at least 1 year teaching in class experience

    The position is for full time employment, in which the work shall be eight hours per day(including about 5 teaching hours), five days per week.

    What we offer to our teachers:
    * Monthly salary: 12,000 RMB or above
    * Monthly bonus: 1,000-2,000 RMB
    * Flight allowance: 5,000 RMB/year
    * Free apartment
    * Free transportation
    * Free working meal
    * Z visa
    Huizhou Jobs | UsNewPower in Huizhou,Guangdong
    ID:215441| 2014/11/09/16点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) is recruiting 15 teachers to teach English in public elementary and secondary schools in Beijing, China. This is a fulltime position and provides teachers with a unique opportunity not only to work in the public school setting but also to help train Chinese teachers in teaching methodology.


    1) Maximum of 20 teaching hours per week, however 1 class hour is actually a 45 minute period. Your lessons are supposed to supplement the curriculum already in place, but you do have considerable leeway to add your own materials.
    2) ...
    Beijing University of Chemical Technology
    ID:215440| 2014/11/09/16点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU

    To teach primary school students
    Datong Jobs | 矿区特色小学英语 in Datong,Shanxi
    ID:215439| 2014/11/09/16点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    Class Subject :
    Position description:
    Looking for experienced American high school teachers who can teach high-school courses including:
    English/ESL/Human Geography - AP training experience preferred
    Treatment Conditions :
    Employee benefits:
    We provide teachers the following benefits in addition to contract salary:
    1. Legal working visa
    2. One-round trip ticket per year
    3. Housing subsidies
    4. Health care and insurance
    5. Meals subsidies
    6. Teachers trip
    Particular request(include nationality,language etc.):
    1. Language: English native-speakers
    2. Have a good ...
    East City Dongcheng District Jobs | Beijing No. 2 Middle School
    ID:215328| 2014/11/09/10点