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Zhejiang 浙江 EDU
Use My Pic 16000-17000 rmb
Foreign Art teacher wanted in International Academy in Hangzhou

Job description

Position :

Junior high School department: Foreign Art teacher (Non Native and Native Speaker)


- Work time: Monday~Friday, 8:00~17:00, One hour noon rest 
- Make corresponding teaching plan according to the program’s teaching purpose
- Be responsible for teaching students in Painting skills  Maximum 20 class hours per week(40-45 minutes per class hour)
- Maximum 20 students per class( junior high school )

Requirements: 

- At least 2 years teaching experience or above
- Excellent teaching ability of English speaking and listening
- Bachelors degree or above
- Possess English education qualification, like Painting background or relevant art

Compensation: 

16000~17000 RMB monthly(before tax), based on qualifications 

6000 RMB annual flight allowance
11 Chinese national holidays per year, 2 days off per week,winter holidays.  Sponsored legal Z work Visa

 Providing accommodation with all necessary facilities 
Free health insurance and Physical examination
 Airport pick-up upon arrival!

Please contact us

wechat: capitalist2014
Igor By capitalist2014

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