Name 姓名:
Sex 性别:
Age 年龄:
I think I'm from 来自:
Russian Federation
My Current Area
Russian Federation
My Current Specific Spot (Street/Building Name)
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
Desired Job Categories
EDU - Private and Corporate Classes 企培EDU - Middle/High School Institutes 私立补习班EDU - Home/Private Tutoring 家教EDU - Other Teaching Jobs 其它教育类职位Translations and Interpretation 翻译
Preferred Job Location
My Strong Points
Knowledge . I know how to explain difficult things
Profile & Introduction
I've graduated from the pedagogical university as a translator in the sphere of professional communication. I've been engaged in tutoring for more than 3 years, and developed my system for fast English learning, that is based on speaking practice. I know how to explain difficult things in a very easy way. I also worked at private schools, and mostly like to deal with adults and teen-agers.
I really enjoy English! And my students enjoy it too!

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