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Highly Paid Private English Tutor Wanted in Beijing
Posted by a boss 2017-12-04

Hi, I'm looking for an English tutor for my boss, who has an intermediate level of English and is eager to improve his listening and speaking skills.

Taiyanggong, Chaoyang District (朝阳区太阳宫)

Working hours:
1-2 classes per week (which need to be determined according to your pupil's schedules.)

* Native speaker
* A good education background
* 5+ years of teaching experience
* Serious and responsible
* English accent preferred

You will get:
* A good payment
* A stress-free part-time job
* To teach someone of wide knowledge and experience (if it's something that interests you.)
Job Area 工作所在地:
China Beijing  
Specific Location
Pay Range 大概薪酬: