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Top 1 Montessori Kindergarten with high welware in Villa Community of Tongzhou District/Chaoyang District, Beijing

A. Positions available
a. One ESL teacher for Kindergarten Dpt. (Without certificate is also accepted if you are a good English teacher)

B. Job Description:
a. 40 office hours including 22 teaching periods per week, 45 min per period.(The final details will be mentioned on the contract)
b. 20 to 25 students per class. Teach students according to the teaching curriculum.
c. Improve teaching skills and encourage the students to implement studies.
d. Actively participate in the school activities related to teaching.
e. Communicate, encourage and stimulate the students’ studying interest and creativity.

C. Job Requirements:
a. Abide by Chinese laws and the school’s regulations; Respect the school’s educational culture.
b. Passionate for teaching, committed to development of education and professionalism
c. Commit to self-evaluation and self-improvement.
d. Minimum Bachelor education degree.(Working visa preferred, hope you can understand)
e. Minimum two years teaching experience. (If your demo class is brilliant, then without two years teaching experience is also possible)
f. With teaching credentials or language teaching certifications.(Optional)
g. Teachers from English speaking countries. (Non-native speaker is accepted, no worry!)

D. Salary and Benefits:
a. Monthly working payment package: 1) Basic salary(13000RMB~250000RMB), which compensates with the candidate’s backgrounds; 2) Evaluation bonus;

b. Yearly benefits: 1) One month salary completion bonus; 2) Teacher’s Day Red Packet; 3) Annual Spring Festival Red Packet.

c. Accident and medical insurance, paid sick leave. (the final details pls confirm with school)

d. Sponsor Work and assistance for Working Residence Permit.

e. Paid holidays for Chinese public holidays and Christmas Day.

f. One bedroom furnished accommodation on Campus.

g. Education fee discounts for teacher‘s children. (School might give free chance to your children if your teaching well)
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