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We are looking for motivated and hard-working engineers wanting to work in blockchain technology, building games targeted for the western market!

This project will be under a subsidiary of Livestar, a social live streaming platform company founded by an American and based out of Shenzhen. Livestar was founded in 2016 with 3 products (Livestar,, Pocket Crane) currently live on all mobile platforms. Upper management experience exceeds 18 years in technology and games.

Job Description (Short Version)

Looking for Front End and Back End talent to develop a game on blockchain technology in an HTML5 environment. You are responsible for working diligently with a team of experienced developers to build a product within an agile work flow. Expectations are high but so are the rewards in a super tight deadline. Compensation is competitive including bonuses.


- English (written & verbal) is mandatory. Chinese is not necessary.
- Willing to relocate to Shenzhen
- 3+ years programming experience
- Knowledge in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
- Available to start within the month.

Look forward to talking to you soon!
| blockchain technology
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