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Lexiang Global Education is looking for 2 full time foreign teachers to start working in our Shangdi Branch and shijingshan Branch within this month. The sooner the better. We are a growing school with 3 branches across Beijing. We are always looking for qualified foreign teachers to grow our team. We currently teach the subjects of Art, Drama, Music, Dance, and of course English. We are hoping to open the previous 4 positions to be more foreign taught in the future. We also offer a career path to highly qualified foreign teachers with the possiblity of a future in management, curriculum design, and team leadership.

What we offer:
-Organized and personalized on-boarding procedure so as to create the smoothest transition into the working environment.
-20 - 25 teaching hours per week MAXIMUM.
-40 hours a week work time (probably a bit less).
-Your own desk and work PC for the purposes of lesson preparation.
-An environment that listens and adapts to your feedback and suggestions.
-Salary average of 12,000 - 20,000RMB but can be higher based on education, experience, and performance.
-Z Visa
-10 days annual leave

What we require of you:
-BA or higher and be 25+ years of age (for the purpose of Z Visa).
-A willingness to learn no matter how much education/experience you have.
-A professional and serious attitude towards teaching.
-Great communication skills both with students and parents.
-PUNCTUALITY! There is almost never an excuse for being late.
-English fluency in both pronounciation and grammar. Native or non-native doesn't matter.
-Mandarin skills are a bonus but definitely not neccesary.
-Full time work, not looking for part time.
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