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high salary
English teacher of international class
Job wanted: international class full-time foreign teacher teacher in charge
Job requirements:
Nationality: white native speaker of European and American countries
Personality: lively and cheerful, good at communication
Work experience: 3 years +
Type of visa: teacher qualification or work visa
1. With English teaching experience, can independently carry out English course activities
2. Have international park or school experience, can independently lead the class, carry out class work, family work, etc
3. I like children and children's education work. I can cooperate with the kindergarten and have team spirit
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for international shift work and carrying out daily routine activities
2. Make course plans and organize themed English teaching activities
3. Responsible for the coordination and management of class members, the development of English teaching, and the work of class parents.
I am June from Beijing risunhongwen International Culture Exchange Co., Ltd.
If you have Wechat,please add me
ID:249473 | 2019/01/11/08点

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