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high salary
Recruiting English Teachers
If you want to get high salary, If you want to make some friends, If you want to have a good work environment, If you can get along well with children, welcome to come to our center.
Job responsibilities
1、To prepare and provide Demo classes as required;
2、To help students study and improve their English ability;
3、To provide advice and assistance to students,in and out of the classroom;
4、Teach through liveiy activities,to promote and preserve to attract children involved in the training process.
Job requirements:
1、Native English speaker,holds a work visa, British and American White Teachers prefer
2、Bachelor”s degree or above;
3、3-5 years teaching experience,most hold the international certification TEFL and TESOL certificate;
4、The candidate should love teaching be responsible for and be patient with students,be willing to cooperate with colleagues with good teamwork spirit;
5、Have sense of humor,and long-term cooperation intentions,highly motivated and goal orientation.
Location: Wanshou Road, Tianxingjian building , Haidian District,Beijing
Haidian District Wanshou Road, Tianxingjian building , Haidian District,Beijing
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