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Massive Jobs in Beijing 4U!

  • (01/08)  By:Sanyu education
    PT | Job Location: Beijing
    We are from Sanyu education and now are looking for part time English
    We perpetually have high demand on English speaking teacher.
    Sanyu Education is a training center which covers foreign language teaching.
    Such as English, French, Spainish and so on. We are now looking for foreign
    teachers for one-to-one teaching and we would prefer the teacher who is a
    English speaker. If you are interested, please contact us and we will arrange
    an interview for you.
    We appreciate your reply ASAP.Thank you.
  • (01/08)  By:a training center
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Start Date: w/c Feb 26th 2018
    Location: Shoujingmao Subway Station, Line 10
    Pay: 1400 yuan per week, 700 yuan per morning
    Time: 8:20am-11:00am, twice a week
    Age group: Children 3-6 years

    We need an English teacher available on 2 weekday mornings to take foreign teacher English classes in a nursery. 4 x 30-40 minute classes in a row, twice a week. Teaching will happen on 2 x weekday mornings per week, from 8:20am-11:00am with breaks between classes. Any weekday mornings are okay. Classes are for children in a nursery, each class is divided by age group, between 3 and 6 years. You will have an assistant to help with translation and behaviour and the children are very well behaved. Textbooks are provided for you to follow.

    Native speakers only. Teaching experience with children is essential. You must be able to commit consistently to taking the class, excluding national holidays.
  • (01/08)  By:An Online Training Center
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Hello Everyone,
    An Online Training Center in Chaoyang District is looking for Non-Native English teacher, info as follows:

    Location: Chaoyang District, Chaoyang Park, Line 14
    Working Time:9:00-18:00 Mon.-Fri.
    Working Hours:25 teaching hours+ 15 office hours
    Age Group: 3-6 years old,delivering classes via webcam to kindergarten kids
    Monthly Salary: 12-13k

    1.Non-Native English Speaker , Caucasian
    2.15-minute demo is required while interviewing
    3.1- 2 years teaching experience required.

    Documents Required :
    *a resume
    *a copy of your passport (You can put mosaic on the passport number)
    *a short video of self-introduction

    Feel free to call me, if you are interested in this position:
  • (01/08)  By:Kindergarten
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    We are now rapidly expanding our Beijing,China operations and wish to recruit talented individuals to teach English to children aged 2-6 years old.

    We are the ideal kindergarten school for new graduates as we train you to use our system; all the materials are provided.We are Beijing Children’s Tales International Kindergarten with 10 centers over Beijing with 50 foreigner teaches.

    1. Working hours: 35 per week,teaching time is less than 24 hours.From Monday to Friday.8:00 to 12:00.2:30 to 5:30.
    2.Kids age from 2 to 6 years old ,smaller classes size with Chinese assistant who can speak English.

    In addition, we requires you to be:
    1. A Native Speaker of English
    2. Love working with children and teenagers
    3. Be prepared and motivated to follow a set syllabus
    4. To sign a 12 month renewable contract

    What we offer:16000 to 20000 RMB per month after tax.11 paid Chinese holiday+8 paid days off..F.Paid training with free hotel.Free settle down help.Free Chinese lesson.Insurance.
  • (01/08)  By:Mike English school
    PT | Job Location: Beijing
    Mike English school focus 1-on-1 tutoring with students of all ages.
    We are looking for experienced and reliable teachers to join our team.
    children students study in home, adult students study in cafe shop.
    Payment 250-350RMB/hour, 2hours/time, pay teacher after each time in cash or wechat.

    we require:
    - Native English speakers
    - Pref. one year relevant experience
    - A bachelor degree in any field
    - A relaxed, positive attitude
    - Punctuality and responsibility in your work
  • (01/06)  By:TopBuzz
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    TopBuzz, an English-language app operating in the US, UK and Canada, is looking for content creators to join its new content discovery and distribution platform. The roles call for writers, freelancers, photographers and vloggers from a variety of backgrounds to upload anything from insightful blogs, meme dumps, investigative journalism, think pieces, comedy, recipes, interviews and anything you can come up with that showcases your personality and targets a general audience. Content creators will be paid based on views and retain full copyright of their work. Candidates should be fluent in English with an already established body of work. Interested parties please send your CV and writing samples
  • (01/06)  By:kindergarten
    FT | Job Location: Beijing Haidian District
    An excellent opportunity teaching in International kindergarten in Haidian, Beijing is available for teachers to start immediately. This school is looking for English native teachers to join their welcoming team.

    Key Points:
    * Teaching English
    * Teach kindergarten students
    * The students are aged of 3-6 years old
    * The salary is 8000 RMB -9000 RMB per month(before tax) with accommodation depending on your teaching experience and qualifications
    * 1000 USD Airfare allowance paid upon completion of one year contract
    * Z visa is provided

    Teaching Schedule:
    * Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, weekends off

    * Native or Non-native English speaker
    * BA degree or higher education
    * Criminal background check
    * Better got 1-2 years teaching experience(consider no teaching experience as well)
    * Enthusiasm commitment and flexibility
    * A passion for English language
  • (01/05)  By:Pioneer Academics
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Company Information:
    Operating since 2012, Pioneer Academics is an American education organizationwith an operations center in Beijing, China that values integrity, mutual respect and teamwork. It offers every team member the chance to engage in a dynamic and exciting entrepreneurial environment on a global playing field.

    Pioneer Academics offers college-level research opportunities to exceptional, motivated high school students from around the world. Selected students work one-on-one with leading American professors in cutting-edge studies of their interest, culminating in original research and authoritative evaluations from their professors.
    Key Responsibilities:
     Leverage your exceptional Cloud computing/APIs/Node.JS skills to design and build an online platform to link students from all over the globe
     Guide UI/UX design discussions, implementation plans, resolve technical issues, and review code
     Encourage innovation with new technologies and elegant solutions, innovating new ideas to enhance Pioneer’s academic programs and the benefits to students and professors
     Advocate technical direction and development, define best practices and principles for the company
     Ensure successful and reliable performance of Pioneer’s online infrastructure with emphasis in these areas: Security/Privacy/Reliability/Availability/Maintainability/Performance
     Work with HR and function team leads to hire part-time and full-time staff to support Pioneer’s IT development

    Essential Qualifications:
     Bachelordegree in Computer Science orEngineering
     Minimum 5 years’ experience building cloud based, high volume, highly available, concurrent and performant applications
     Experience integrating GoogleAnalytics
     Node.js proficiency
     Solid understanding and experience integrating WeChat and other Social/Payment platforms into our website
     A solid understanding of PHP technology
     Understanding of Github. Grunt/Gulp, Yeoman, andBower
     Good knowledge of a wide range of front-end technologies (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, web standards, jQuery or frameworks like React, orAngular)
     Experience designing user interface including coding UI libraries and componentstructures
     A solid foundation in data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, MVC architecture, and design patterns
     Experience writing automated tests using tools like PHPUnit, ScalaTest, Spock orSpecs
     Experience with applications hosted on Amazon Web Services(AWS)
     Experience delivering software in a Scrum developmentprocess
     Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as interpersonal skills
     Highly responsible and dependable, brings strong positive attitude to all aspects of the job
     Fluency inEnglish
  • (01/05)  By:Montessori Kindergarten
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Top 1 Montessori Kindergarten with high welware in Villa Community of Tongzhou District/Chaoyang District, Beijing

    A. Positions available
    a. One ESL teacher for Kindergarten Dpt. (Without certificate is also accepted if you are a good English teacher)

    B. Job Description:
    a. 40 office hours including 22 teaching periods per week, 45 min per period.(The final details will be mentioned on the contract)
    b. 20 to 25 students per class. Teach students according to the teaching curriculum.
    c. Improve teaching skills and encourage the students to implement studies.
    d. Actively participate in the school activities related to teaching.
    e. Communicate, encourage and stimulate the students’ studying interest and creativity.

    C. Job Requirements:
    a. Abide by Chinese laws and the school’s regulations; Respect the school’s educational culture.
    b. Passionate for teaching, committed to development of education and professionalism
    c. Commit to self-evaluation and self-improvement.
    d. Minimum Bachelor education degree.(Working visa preferred, hope you can understand)
    e. Minimum two years teaching experience. (If your demo class is brilliant, then without two years teaching experience is also possible)
    f. With teaching credentials or language teaching certifications.(Optional)
    g. Teachers from English speaking countries. (Non-native speaker is accepted, no worry!)

    D. Salary and Benefits:
    a. Monthly working payment package: 1) Basic salary(13000RMB~250000RMB), which compensates with the candidate’s backgrounds; 2) Evaluation bonus;

    b. Yearly benefits: 1) One month salary completion bonus; 2) Teacher’s Day Red Packet; 3) Annual Spring Festival Red Packet.

    c. Accident and medical insurance, paid sick leave. (the final details pls confirm with school)

    d. Sponsor Work and assistance for Working Residence Permit.

    e. Paid holidays for Chinese public holidays and Christmas Day.

    f. One bedroom furnished accommodation on Campus.

    g. Education fee discounts for teacher‘s children. (School might give free chance to your children if your teaching well)
  • (01/05)  By:education company
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Vo/Art Union ( - education company, focus on portfolio preparation and overseas study in art/fashion/design is looking for new member in SALES Department in Beijing office.
    You will help Sales department to sell VO products as education courses and workshops.
    Position Requirements:
    Chinese language , writing and speaking
    speaking English
    Have Interest in Art and Education
    Ability to learn
    VO Seles department will teach you sales techniques!
    previous experience in Sales is not necessary

    Available To Non-Chinese Citizen
  • (01/05)  By:the school
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Schedule: Monday to Thursday 8a-5pm. Less than 25 teaching hours a week.
    Location: Near the Bagou station on line 10.
    Students age: 6-12 years old.
    Textbook is provide by the school.

    Salary :16,000RMB NET
    Paid Chinese holiday
    8,000rmb for the winter vacation
    16,000RMB for the summer vacation..
    Free Lunch.

    Requirements: English Native speakers with one year teaching experience.
    TEFL or TESOL certificate for 120 hours.
  • (01/05)  By:Beijing Darwin Property Management Ltd.
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Company: Beijing Darwin Property Management Ltd.
    Position: Senior Customer Service Representative
    Vacant positions: 1 (male or female).

    1. Western looking. Good appearance and excellent social skills.
    -Female: Age 25-40 years old
    -Male: Age 25-45 years old
    2. Educational background: Bachelor’s degree or above, fluent in English and Chinese level is a must.
    3. At least 2 years working experience in same or similar positions; comply with all requirements necessary to issue a legal Working Permit.
    4. Passionate for the job; outstanding communication and coordination skills.

    Description of responsibilities:
    1. Reception at the residential compound’s front desk and interaction with owners and tenants.
    2. Translation of documents and circulars.
    3. English training of Chinese property management employees.
    4. To perform a number of varied tasks assigned by the head of department.

    Working hours:
    Monday-Friday 8.30-5.30, Sat-Sun off
    All Public holidays according to Chinese Calendar
  • (01/05)  By:a training center
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    We are looking for full time Native English teachers for kids and adults in Beijing.
    Teaching location: Beijing
    Students' age: 3-12 years old & adults
    Working schedule:
    Kindergarten :Mon-Fri; 8:00am - 5:30pm(kids)
    Training centre :Wed.-Fri. 1:00pm-9:00pm Sat.-Sun. 9:00am-6:00pm(kids and adults)
    Salary : different from 10000-13000 RMB after tax
    Application documents:
    Resume with daily photo attached
  • (01/04)  By:RE Culture
    FT | Job Location: Beijing Chaoyang District
    Who we are:
    • We are 80s entrepreneurs-returnee Master with abundant resources, local PhD with dreams, MPE with consummate skills, versatile guru. We came together for the same dream. We think PBL educational method derived from US can cultivate children’s creativity and innovation ability, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and cooperation efficiently, it can develop children’s core quality and skill in maximum limit, help them to meet the future challenges. We dedicate to become innovated education spreader, bring personalized education to more people by our effort. We hope to influence more partners in the same camp, devote to creative practice of China education together.
    We think:
    • This is a rigorous and creative research position, need candidates widely absorb newest educational concepts in the world, covert them to China adapted and operational curriculum system.
    • People on this position is our core competitiveness and backbone force.
    We need you:
    • Speak English at an idiomatic level
    • Have 1 year or more working experience related to education.
    • Have bachelor degree or above in famous universities worldwide, majoring at education and psychology.
    • Simple daily communication in Chinese.
    • Understand children’s cognitive model, develop targeted curriculum systematically.
    We offer:
    • Flexible working mode with targets.
    • Pretax income 15K-25K RMB per month.
    • Variable performance bonus.
    • Wide and clear space to perform.
    • Fair share option.
    • Frequent team parties.
  • (01/04)  By:Joy English
    PT | Job Location: Beijing
    Hi everyone,
    Joy English is looking for part time English teachers!
    If you are an English teacher with rich experience in ESL teaching,come and join Joy English!
    We are an English school providing one-on-one English tutoring to students of all ages and language levels.You can teach at our center,students' home, or coffee shops.You can teach according to your schedule or preferences.

    position description:
    1. English speaker with clear pronunciation.
    2. Bachelor's degree or above preferred.
    3. Teaching experience preferred.
    4. Be patient and cooperative, with a positive attitude.
    5.Be responsible and punctual.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • (01/04)  By:Kindergarten
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Job description
    1 Dance teacher for Kindergarten-Grade5
    2 English teacher to perform: Maths for Kindergarden to grade 1, Science for Grade 6 and English for Grade 8+9
    3 Start time: 23rd February, 2018
    4 20 students per class
    5 working load: 25 teaching classes per week. Working hours from 7:45 to 17:00, weekends off

    1 Native English speaker: USA, CANADA & UK.
    2 Passionate, hard working, patient, dynamic & positive spirit.
    3.BA degree in Education preferably or above (notarized from country of origin if candidate not under work visa).
    4 Teaching license will be a plus.
    5 2+ years teaching experience minimum required.
    6 TEFL/TESOL certificate required.
    7 Reference/recommendation letters from previous employers in China or out of China.
    8 All documents must be authenticated so we can apply for the candidate’ working visa.
    9 Criminal background report (notarized from country of origin if candidate not under chinese work visa) if new in China.
    10 Release and cancellation letters from previous employers if candidates already working in China.
    1 Monthly basic salary commensurate as per experience+housing subsidy 3,000RMB before tax.
    2 End of year bonus up to 12,000RMB when the contract finished after 1 year.
    3 US Fairmont & Calvert pedagogic materials & training provided.
    4 Campus accommodation with utensils and utilities depending on availability.
    5 Paid and full assistance from the school on the work visa & paid Chinese government holidays.
    6 Health insurance benefits in international hospitals.
    7 Free breakfast and lunch.
    8 Free after school activities: basketball, badminton, calligraphy, sand painting, dance.
  • (01/04)  By:Sprout, a dynamic online English teaching company
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Sprout, a dynamic online English teaching company, established in 2012 in China with branches in Beijing, Changsha and Shanghai. We provide small group lessons based on well-recognized American textbooks, teaching materials and curriculum for our 6000+ registered Chinese students. Sprout is now looking for additional long-term experienced ESL and non-ESL teachers to join the team.
  • (01/04)  By:Public Primary School
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    - Job type: full-time
    - Location: Beijing
    - School type: public primary school
    - Workload: 17-20 classes/week, 45 minutes for one class
    - Students: teach 8-14 years old students
    - Days Off : weekends off
    - Starting time: late February, 2018

    Qualification &Requirements
    - Native speakers from Britain, America, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia
    - Bachelor degree or above
    - Relative teaching experience or TEFL/TESOL certificate

    Compensation & Benefits:
    - Salary:15000 RMB before tax
    - Free accommodation, about 3500RMB
    - Insurance
    - Summer vacation and winter vacation with half salary
    - China legal holidays, like International Labor's Day, National Day and so on
    - Flight ticket---13000RMB, after working one month
    - Work visa assistance
    - Free breakfast and lunch during working days

    If you are interested, please send me your passport copy, bachelor degree, recent photo, TEFL certificate and other necessary files.
  • (01/04)  By:Online work
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    A fantastic opportunity for URDU/SPANISH/RUSSIAN speaking Translators to join the Product Editorial Team of one of the world's leading manufacturing companies.

    The main purpose of this role is to help ensure that the products on a variety of websites are translated in an accurate and reliable manner, in clear and concise Chinese, whilst preserving the brands style.


    Translating product page copy according to in-house style guides; checking accuracy of copy against images as well as grammar and spelling. Ensuring all copy is clear and concise and localized where relevant
    Working to daily deadlines
    Ensuring that all editorial content across the URDU/SPANISH/RUSSIAN product pages reflects the aims, values, house style and tone of each site
    Where possible, check accuracy of upload by checking all click-through functionality, size and fit tabs and dropdowns on the product page
    Maintaining house style document, final sign off responsibility lying with Product Editor



    Native level URDU/SPANISH/RUSSIAN speaking and excellent command of the English language; you will need to be able to write and speak English
    Ability to meet tight deadlines with good time management skills
    Confidence to liaise with other teams
    Ability to work as part of a team or autonomously
    Ability to think clearly and calmly when faced with issues or problems
    Self-motivated, takes initiative
    A proven ability to work quickly and efficiently with accuracy and attention to detail
    Creative Recruitment is an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, age, sexuality, gender identification, or physical ability.
  • (01/04)  By:Elan English
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    (1).English Teacher:
    1.Be familiar with all aspects of the curriculum, the lesson flows, and the quiz schedules
    2.Complete mid-term and end of term assessments that are personalized and constructive
    3.Deliver high quality literature, writing, and phonics courses to students including assigned quizzes
    4.Issue and explain homework assignments to students and parents
    5.Mark all tasks that students complete in class and for homework and fill out post-class comments

    (2).Library Coach:
    1.Monitor student progress utilizing data analysis •
    2.Be familiar with the curriculum in order to make suggestions for student placement •
    3.Write student assessment reports with strengths, areas for improvement, and recommendations
    4.Motivate the students and foster a love for literature and writing

    English Native speaker or Non Native speakers who get BA degree in Native English speaking countries (to meet with the government working visa application request)
    Bachelor's degree or above
    Teaching experience is a strong asset
    (4) Salary:
    16,000-23,000 CNY (depends on experience and background)

    8,000 RMB flight reimbursement
    Discretional bonus based on quarterly performance
    Health and accident insurance
    10,000 RMB start-up loan for accommodation
    1,200 RMB hotel reimbursement
    Z Work Visa
    Arrival Support: Airport pick-up
    3 full paid sick days
    11 full paid holidays
    Orientation & pre-job Training, on-going training and academic support
    Free group activities, like trips, parties, Chinese culture forums, experiencing Chinese traditional holidays, etc.

    (6) Working Hours: 5 days a week, 2 days off on weekdays
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