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Massive Jobs in Beijing 4U!

  • (11/27)  By:Kingdergarten
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Location:Shuangjing,Line10, Beijing
    Student age groups: 3-6 years old
    Requirements:Experienced and native English teacher
    Working schedule:8:30am to 5:00pm Fri.
    Salary: Above 20k after tax
    Start date: ASAP

    Position Information:
    ● One year contract
    ● 5 working days per week
    ● Maximum 25 teaching hours per week
    ● 15 hours office hours
    ● Pre-made lesson plans and training curriculum

    Documents to apply :
    - a Resume/CV with a recent photo
    - a copy of your passport (with photo page)
    Feel free to contact me, if you are interested and know more details:
  • (11/26)  By:a training center
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Part time job.
    - Native English speaker or foreign teacher without accent.
    - Teaching kids English songs, drawing, drama or Lego etc. ( if you have any other specialties, please also let me know)
    - Have the ability of designing and preparing the classes.
    - Work with us at least until next July.

    work place: Shaoyaojubeili (close to Shaoyaoju station of line 10 and line 13, also close to Huixinxijiebeikou station of line 5)
  • (11/25)  By:D-Share Education
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    D-Share Education is currently looking for some qualified teachers to deliver Global Thinking Ability Program(GTAP) in her partner schools in Beijing. D-Share Education is the official distributor of GTAP which is designed and written by Celena, one of the founder of D-Share Education and Jo Lally, the educational expert of global vision and the expert of University of Cambridge International Examinations, with the aim to hone the practical skills of high school students in China, such as global vision and critical thinking, presentation and communication skills in English and enterprise skills etc.

    1. Native English speakers.
    2. A four-year bachelor’s degree or a master degree from an accredited college or university (overseas students in China’s top universities are also qualified)
    3. Good command of global vision and critical thinking skills, enterprise skills (teamwork and leadership) and communication skills.4. Flexible time, available to work flexibly during the week days 5. Initial training and orientation is required before teaching.

    Job Description: The teachers are expected:
    1. To teach GTAP (Global Thinking Ability Program) which is to be conducted in top high schools in Beijing.
    2. To cooperate and coordinate with D-Share Education and the schools in assessment and moderation process of the course.

    The honorarium is about 300RMB per hour.
  • (11/25)  By:a company
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    The company I'm currently working for is recruiting some native Americans to do audio recordings.

    Here are some detailed explanations that possible candidates may be interested in:


    - PART-TIME, no need to go to the headquarters and stay in the office all day long

    - The materials for recording will be offered, and the recorder is not supposed to add / delete / change any offered content (unless it's an error, please let us know in advance if he / she thinks some sentence can be expressed in a more American way)

    - 2 requirements:
    - proper speed of speaking (neither too fast nor too slow)
    - sounds natural (in the aspect of tone,like daily talk)

    - Form of Interview:
    The original material for interview and an audio for reference will be sent to the candidates. Candidates are expected to record a sample and send back.

    - Salary:
    CNY 1000.00 per hour, the final decision will be based on quality of the sample audio candidates submit.
    (Attention: We will ONLY calculate the time of audio we agree to use in courses, not the time one spends in recording)
  • (11/25)  By:Speakers With Journalism Experience
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Xinhua News Agency is seeking native English speakers to fill the positions of copy & social media editors in the International News Department.
    Applicants with a background in journalism are preferred. Qualified candidates will be offered a competitive salary and benefits package.
    The headquarters of Xinhua are located in downtown Beijing. The agency has 31 branches in the Chinese mainland and bureaus in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions. It also has more than 180 bureaus around the world and seven regional editorial offices. The job openings are based in Beijing.
    Monthly salary for English-language copy & social media editors: minimum 22,000 Chinese yuan pre tax. For real top talent, the salary is negotiable.

    1. Native English-language speakers under the age of 60;
    2. Holding at least a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Journalism, English, Political Science, International Studies or other majors, with at least two years of work experience, also preferably in Journalism, the English language, Political Science, etc. Experience in well-known media or networks is preferred;
    3. Good health, able to work overtime and under deadline pressure;
    4. Knowledge of word processing, computers and the Internet. A good knowledge of China and China’s relations with other big powers would be viewed favorably.

    1. Ensure quality, professional journalistic writing;
    2. Work closely with Chinese editors and reporters and give suggestions;
    3. Rewrite news headlines, edit content and check facts;
    4. Provide training to Chinese colleagues on writing news in foreign languages.
  • (11/25)  By:Fieldedu
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Position: ESL/TEFL teacher for young learners, class size is 10-12 students
    location: beijing

    1. Bachelor degree or above( it’s negotiable if you are an experienced teacher)
    2. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificates is preferred
    3. From English speaking countries(from Europe or South Africa are welcomed)
    4. Outgoing and patient personality
    5. Clean Criminal Background

    1. Basic Salary 12000-20000 per month before tax
    2. Pay raise every three months(evaluated by work performance)
    3. Free airport picking up and house hunting
    4. visa applying and registration assistance
    5. a Chinese assistance in class
    6. Paid Chinese holidays and Charismas
    7. On-going training and pre-made curriculum system
    8. Promotion opportunities

    1. Maximum of 25 hours teaching per week (work time: wed.-fri. 14:00-21:00; sat.-sun. 8:30-18:30 with 1.5 lunch break in between)
    2. Lesson plans
    3. Cooperate with the academic manager to ensure the efficient operation of the center
    4. Assist in the placement testing and interviewing new students
    5. Carry out teaching related responsibilities including but not limited to demo classes, conversation clubs
    6. Attend center social events
  • (11/25)  By:an language school of beijing
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Hello, we are an language school of beijing( Near the subway station in Shiliuzhuang). we need an Italian teacher , If you want to find a stable and inspiring environment for Italian teaching, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    1.To maintain class quality,great passion in teaching
    2.Italian teaching experience
    3.University graduate or above
    4.Good interpersonal and communication skills
    5.Native italian speaker;

    Work detail:
    1, A maximum of 12 people per class.
    2, Students ranging in age between 18 and 23。
    3, A fixed materials for textbook.
    4, Basic education for the new students
  • (11/24)  By:Online Teaching
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Job Description:
    1. Location: Zhong Guancun Line 4, Haidian District, Beijing
    2. Working hour: 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, 40 working hour per week, including 25 teaching hour, 15 office hour. Two days off per week
    3. Responsibilities:
    Multiple online group class
    Shoot marketing videos to attract more students and do the proofread teaching material
    Start ASAP

    Payment: 23900 RMB basic salary, with quarterly bonus 2000-6000 RMB
    One month extra salary for the one year contract completion bonus
    Sponsored Z visa
    Health Insurance
    11 national holidays
    5 days paid annual leave
    Free annal health check

    1. Native English Speakers who meet China’s visa regulation
    2. Bachelor degree
    3. TEFL certificate
    4. Attend training, includes on boarding training and regular training

    Recruiting online English Teachers in Beijing, Zhongguancun line 4. Native English Speaker only
    Job Description:
    1. Location: Zhong Guancun Line 4, Haidian District, Beijing
    2. Working hour: 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, 40 working hour per week, including 25 teaching hour, 15 office hour. Two days off per week
    Payment: 23900 RMB basic salary, with 2000-6000 RMB bonus per month
    One month extra salary for the one year contract completion bonus
    Sponsored Z visa
    Health Insurance
    11 national holidays
    5 days paid annual leave
  • (11/24)  By:Sanyu education
    PT | Job Location: Beijing
    We are from Sanyu education and now are looking for part time English
    We perpetually have high demand on English speaking teacher.
    Sanyu Education is a training center which covers foreign language teaching.
    Such as English, French, Spainish and so on. We are now looking for foreign
    teachers for one-to-one teaching and we would prefer the teacher who is a
    English speaker. If you are interested, please contact us and we will arrange
    an interview for you.
  • (11/24)  By:Mobile Game
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Job Description
    - To work with team members on both Customer part and Translation part,
    Customer support part:
    - Act as main point of knowledge on your local market.
    - Deal with players of the game. Compile and submit players’ requests and suggestions.
    - Maintain relations with players through email, messages and other platforms. Resolve players’ complaints and issues in a calm and polite manner.
    - Manage the game operations, online recharging and events. Deal with feedback on the various social media (Facebook, forum, stores etc).
    Translation part:
    - Translation: for each patch of new version to make the wording right and polished
    - Market research: be the market expert of your region, and bring exactly information for mobile and web marketing channels

    Desired Skill and Experience

    Desired Skills & Experience:
    - Native speaker of English, preferable with Chinese reading
    -1 year and above experience in Translation, Customer Service, Community management from gaming or FMCG industry, preferable with Social Gaming experience
    - Flexible, positive attitude, detailed and patient.
    - Computer literate with a strong knowledge of Word and Excel.
  • (11/24)  By:Primary School
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Job Purpose:
    To teach English language and pronunciation to Chinese elementary students, through the use of interesting, self-prepared teaching material, songs and games.

    Job Description:
    City: Fengtai District, Downtown Beijing
    Student ages: 8-14 yrs(primary school students)
    Subject: Spoken English
    Contract length: 1 year

    Key responsibilities:
    1. Teach ESL lessons mainly
    2. Evaluate and track progress of individual students
    3. Work specifically with students during assigned hours of the day and help them get through difficulties they may have during learning process
    4. Work 5 days a week, 2 days of on weekends(40 hours a week)

    1. Bachelor’s degree is required;
    2. TESOL/TEFL certification is required.
    3. 2 years teaching experience in a classroom setting.
    4. Native English speaker

    Salary and benefits:
    1. 15,0000 RMB monthly
    2. 13,000 RMB airfare allowance
    3. Free housing
    4. Work visa offered
    5. Health insurance offered
    6. Summer and winter holidays, Chinese public holidays
    7. Free meals(breakfast and lunch)
  • (11/24)  By:a training center
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Make a Difference Teaching children in a Warm Caring Boutique Environment

    Must have:
    § Native fluency or near-native with a neutral accent § 1 year experience with kindergarten aged kids 4-6 year olds § Ability to lead students in an arts and craft project § Ability to manage a class of 8 preschool children (3-4 year olds class has TA) § The ability to sing on key and lead circle time

    You'll teach a group of, no more than 8 children, using our in house curriculum or packaged curriculum, depending on age. The classes are 90 minutes long and have a good portion of arts and crafts to keep it fun for the children while maintaining an English immersion environment.

    Location: Dong Ba area of Chaoyang

    Available Hours:
    Mon and Thurs 5:30-7:00*
    Tu and Fri 5:30-7:00*
    Wed 5:30-7:00*
    Saturday 9:00-10:30*

    *Meeting participation, parent communications, report writing and class preparation time not included however, most of these can be kept up with one hour before class.
  • (11/23)  By:an English school
    PT | Job Location: Beijing
    Hello everyone,
    We are an English school in xizhimen (close to
    subway).Currently we are looking for English teachers.Job description:one on
    one classes for students of all ages and language levels.classes can be at
    school,students' home or coffee shops.flexible class time.teachers get paid
    twice a month.
  • (11/23)  By:Beijing FESCO International Education Consulting Co.,Ltd
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Job Description:
    -Teach oral English classes to junior students according to the teaching schedule.
    -20 -22 classes per week, 40 mins per class.
    -Class preparation, give guidance to students during and after class.
    -Conduct students’ homework, provide analysis reports.
    -Coordinate with various subject teachers to help with students to achieve their teaching goals.
    -Integrate Chinese and Western teaching techniques to improve research and development and provide feedback and support.

    Compensation and Benefits:
    - RMB 8,000 per month.
    - Free accommodation: providing a well-furnished apartment for free.
    -As well as Chinese National Holidays, employees are entitled to spring break, summer vacation, winter vacation and other holidays.
    -Sponsor of work visa.

    Job Requirement:
    -Bachelor’s degree or above in education, or in other related majors.
    -More than 2 years teaching experience.
    -Native English speaker.
    -Hold TEFL/TESOL certificate.
    -Be in good mental and physical health.
    -Be honest with strong sense of integrity, no criminal record.
    -Be strongly passionate about education, be able to communicate well with students.
  • (11/23)  By:Expert Education
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Contract: Ends on July 31st, 2018 (can also sign two-year contract)
    Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Experimental courses and other related courses to Scientific Thinking Methods and Experiments (STME)
    This course emphasizes the application of and interconnectivity between biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science as well as technology and engineering fields.
    Workload: 25 sessions per week, including class teaching, office hours, tutorials and other work (each session is 40 minutes).
    Location: a public high school in Xiamen, Fujian province
    Students: high school students with a class size of around 30 students

    The standard package for this position is:
    - Monthly salary: negotiable
    - Monthly Bonus of 1,000~2,000 RMB
    - Monthly Housing Allowance of 2,000 RMB
    - Travel Allowance of 8,000RMB
    - Summer Holiday Subsidies of 2,000 RMB
    - Life (accident) and medical insurance
    - Work Visa, Foreign Expert Certificate
    - Paid sick leave days and Chinese public holidays

    - Citizenship & Birthplace: American, British, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealander. White people only.
    - Bachelor’s degree or above awarded by university in American, British, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealander.
    - At least two years English teaching experience.
    (teaching experience can be less than 2 years if the candidate holds TESOL/TEFL 120 hours)
    - 22 years to 59 years old.
    -Science background
  • (11/22)  By:PRD Education
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    [Job Description]
    Junior Literature: The 100 Classics program offers a motivating studying method through reading, writing, and discussion. This is an English educational program for elementary, middle school, and high school students, (grades 3~9) to develop cultural refinement, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills.

    SAT/AP/Subject: PRD Education’s SAT exam preparation programs have been carefully designed to equip students with effective strategies and methods to take the SAT test. Instructors will receive training to familiarize themselves with One-Stop Prep’s strategies and methods. They will also be provided with a class syllabus and all required texts.

    • Native English speaker from U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., New Zealand, South Africa
    • Must have a BA degree from an accredited university
    • Must have at least two full years of work experience
    • Must enjoy the company of a younger demographic of students
    • Previous Teaching experience or degree holders in related fields such as literature, writing, and education are preferred
    • Other degree holders with related experience are also welcome to apply

    [Required Documents]
    • Original Diploma *Notarized with an Apostille
    • Nationwide Criminal Background Check *Notarized with an Apostille

    • East Bldg 7, Richmond Park, 9 Fangyuan Nanli, Office 205, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    [Class Schedule: Part-Time]
    • Classes will be assigned based on class schedule
    • Start Date: ASAP
    • Training: ASAP
    [Salary: Part-time]
    • * Pay: 165 RMB ~ 198 RMB/hour (The rate varies by performance)
    • * Paid training in Korea 40 RMB/hour

    [Class Schedule: Full-Time]
    • Applicants must be available Monday to Sunday (5~6 working days based on class schedule)
    • Saturdays and Sundays are mandatory
    • 100 teaching hour per month guaranteed
    • Week days: 4~8 hours & Weekend: 16~20 hours
    • Start Date: ASAP
    • Mandatory Training: ASAP

    [Salary: Full-time]
    • Based on 100 teaching hours: starting from 12,000 ~ 15,000 RMB (negotiable based on qualifications)
    • Extra monthly Housing stipend of 3,000 RMB will be provided
    • Bonus of 12,000RMB will be provided upon completion of one year contract
    • Over time rate: 165 RMB / hour
    • Paid training 40 RMB / hour

    [Benefits: Full-time]
    • Airfare reimbursement:
    o Round trip airfare provided for Employees who are hired while they are residing outside of China and successfully complete one year contract.
    o Should employee decide to extend his/her contract, the returning flight will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the final extension contract.
    • Vacation Days: 7 days during Chinese Ne
  • (11/22)  By:App Turkish Localization
    PT | Job Location: Beijing
    Looking for a part-time Turkish App localization translator.

    Job Title: Chinese/English to Turkish Translator
    Job Type: Part Time

    Main Responsibilities
    1. Translate all needed files/contents related to App from Chinese/English to Turkish.
    2. Optimize in-App contents.
    3. Come to the office and have meeting if needed.

    1. 20-30 years old native Turkish speaker from Turkey. Proficient in Chinese and English.
    2. Rich past experience in App localization is required.
    3. Familiar with different kinds of Apps, especially social Apps.
  • (11/22)  By:Michael English
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Michael English (Beijing SuEn Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
    ) is a professional English training school. We focus on one-on-one teaching (face to face or online), We are looking for Native teachers to teach kids, teenagers and adults in subjects ranging from basic oral English to Business English, student pay teachers after each time in cash or in wechat, we are free of charge for teachers.

    (1) all ages group of students
    (2) Working time: according to your schedule, and NO OFFICE HOUR !
    (3) part time
    (5) payment: 250-350RMB/hour(face to face)

    1)English Native Speakers from US, UK, Canada;
    2)Graduated from college with degree;
    3)Have teaching experience;
    4) Interested in English Teaching;
  • (11/21)  By:a school
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Brief Description
    We have a variety of openings at several Beijing local public schools. We are a multi-cultural non-discriminatory agency that hires people of all religions, creeds, and colors. However applicants must be native English speakers. These positions will be at elementary and high schools throughout Beijing, and the curriculum offers teachers plenty of room to grow your skill set by contributing your original ideas and growing with your school.

    • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher
    • Willing to commit to the company for a minimum of one year
    o Sign a one year contract
    • Maximum of 37 work hours per week
    o Maximum of 15-18 teaching hours a week
    • Willing to Start working February 2018
    • Two years of working experience is an advantage
    • Lively personality and passionate about contributing to the school
    • TESOL Certificate is preferred but not always required
    • Patience & Initiative. We highly value applicants who work towards improving things and who demonstrate patience when solving problems
    • Punctuality & Professionalism. We take seriously our responsibility to helps students achieve their English learning goals and are looking for teachers who share that goal
    • 12000-18000 RMB monthly after tax salary
    o Depending on teachers’ previous experience
    • Winter Holiday Bonus of 3000 RMB
    • Generous Year End Bonuses based on Teacher performance
    • Work Visa will be provided for each position
    o This includes help through the visa application process
    • Supportive and friendly close-knit team.
    • Paid Vacation Days (including Chinese holidays)
    • Comfortable working environment including a fully equipped staff room.
    • Ample opportunities for promotions after one year (with yearly salary raises)
    • Most importantly, when we see an employee working hard, we reward them
  • (11/21)  By:Perfect English
    FT | Job Location: Beijing
    Perfect English is a professional language training school. We focus on one-on-one teaching, but we also offer small group classes with business and basic oral to our clients. We are looking for Native teachers to teach kids, teenagers and adults in subjects ranging from basic oral to Business . We provide our teachers with a competitive salary, flexible schedule and good working environment!

    (1) all ages group of students
    (2) Working time: according to your schedule, and NO OFFICE HOUR !
    (3) Part time
    (4)Location flexible
    (5) payment: negotiable, pay by cash, four times a month.

    1.Native speakers , who has No thick accent.
    2.Teachers with certificates are preferred.
    3.High sense of responsibility and to be professional, and able to interact with a variety of students.
    4.Teachers with work visa or qualification that we could apply it instead are preferred.
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