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This position is open to full time or part time
——Teach 3 to 6 years old children
——Team-work with your fellow teachers
——Prepare lessons

Job requirements:
—— Native speaker is would be preferred.
——Hold a Chinese visa.
—— Easy-going , paitent and enjoy playing with children.
—— At least have one year teaching experience with 3 to 6 aged children.
——Occasionally take part in your school's extra-curricular activities, such as ,demo class.

Salary and benefits:
——9500 RMB per month for full-time job.
——Provide free Lunch
——A term bonus (paid at the end of each semester)
Work location: Chashan Town,Dongguan City
Liaobu Town,Dongguan City
Dongguan | Golf Emily kindergarten
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