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    18k after tax
    A language center in Taojin road needs one full time English teacher(starting time:ASAP)
    Salary: 18k after tax, meal and apartment is not provided
    Working time: Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday and Sunday, 8 hrs per day, 40 working hours (including office hours), 24 teaching hrs per week
    Students: 3-6 yrs old
    Location: Taojin Road, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou
    Must be native English speakers;
    Must be 22-30yrs old
    Must have TESOL/TEFL certificate
    Must have a BA degree
    Must have at least 1 year teaching experience
    If interested ,pls contact Wechat
    ID:251047| 2019/02/20/10点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    18-25K /M
    Shenzhen Training Center
    Training Center
    No accommodation
    4-10 years old students
    8 students in one class
    No more than 40h per week
    Two days off
    Location: different districts in Shenzhen
    -Eligible for working visa
    -Teaching experience preferred
    -Teaching certificates preferred

    If you are interested, apply with a self-intro video and resume, better with teaching video as well. Contact Wechat
    ID:250915| 2019/02/15/16点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    ESL Teacher (Foreign Teacher)
    Job Description:
    1. Teaching ESL--- English as a Second Language
    2. Lesson planning and preparation as well as curriculum development
    3. Supervising test and exams and giving level tests
    4. Assisting with administration including intake and placement of students and recording attendance
    5. Counselling students
    6. Participating in the school’s social program including Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’s)
    7. participating in Employee training programs and workshops organized by the school
    8. Participating in promotional and marketing activities organized b...
    ID:250881| 2019/02/13/10点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    RMB (CNY) 12,000 to 18,000
    English Teacher
    Qualifications & Requirements:
    -Teach English lessons in coordination with Chinese teaching assistants.
    -Prepare lessons.
    -Review children's work and progress. (including speaking, writing, reading and art work)
    -Occasionally take part in your school's extra-curricular and social activities.
    -Team-work with your fellow teachers.
    -Take part in the training seminars we offer our teachers in order to enhance and develop their professional teaching skills.
    Our requirements are as follows (we don't require you necessarily tick all the boxes, the single mo...
    Guangzhou Jobs | Spirit Kids Royal English
    ID:250880| 2019/02/13/10点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    18k to 20k per month
    NATIVE ESL teachers wanted in SHENZHEN and SHANGHAI!!!
    •Position: kids (3~12 years old) training school ESL teacher
    •17 teaching hours per week, overwork allowance
    •Mon & Wed or Tues & Thurs off
    •NATIVE English speakers
    •Bachelor or above
    •TEFL or TESOL certificate
    •Qualified documents for work visa
    •18k to 20k per month, depends on qualification
    •6-8k of completing contract bonus
    •3k of renewing contract bonus
    •6k flight allowance after one year contract
    •10 days paid holidays 12 days paid Chinese public holidays
    •Paid and s...
    ID:250879| 2019/02/13/10点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    high salary
    Part Time ESL teachers needed in Guangzhou
    JOB ID1: Primary school English teacher needed at Tonghe, Baiyun district;
    1. Started date: the end of Feb, 2019; Students age: 6 — 12 years old
    2. Working is Located: at Tonghe, Baiyun district of Guangzhou city
    3. Working schedule: Wednesday 8:30am-4:00pm, Friday 8:30 am-12:00am, 9 lessons for two days, 40 minutes each lesson
    4. Requirement: To organize effective class activities
    Job ID2.Middle school teacher wanted at Taihe town, Baiyun district
    1. Started date: the end of Feb, 2019;; Students age: from 13 — 18years old
    2. Working sche...
    PT | Guangzhou Jobs | MAIN STREET ENGLISH
    ID:250878| 2019/02/13/10点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    13k-16k RMB/month
    Full Time Kindergarten teacher in Guangzhou
    *Location: Luogang district in Guangzhou
    *Student Age: 3-5 years old
    *Working Time: 8:00Arrival, 9:00am- 11:00am, 14:00pm-16:50pm
    *Start Date: February 18th.
    *Salary: 13k-16k RMB/month.Paid Winter Vacation period for long contracts.
    *Provide: Meals, Accommodation, Z Visa, Insurance, Flight Reimbursement on contract completion.
    *Native English Speaker
    *B.A. Or higher degree
    *TEFL Certification
    *2 years of teaching experience
    *A dedication to the profession with a passion ...
    ID:250877| 2019/02/13/10点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    18000-25000rmb monthly
    New Semester looking for Native English teachers (shenzhen)
    Kids training centers
    Working schedule:
    Mon -Fri 8:30-17:00 and weekends off
    Teaching hours is around 20 classes/week( 50mins/class)
    Salary: 18000-25000rmb monthly
    Apartment provided or house allowance.
    1. Flight reimbursement
    2. Monthly class bonus: 2000-3000rmb
    3. Free Airport picks up service.
    5. Sponsor Working Visa or Tourist visa
    6. Health insurance provided with working visa
    7. 14 -20 paid vacation days per year.
    8. End -year bonus which will be paid before spring Festival
    9. Friendly and suppo...
    ID:250755| 2019/02/08/07点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    Full Time Kindergarten teacher in Guangzhou
    *Location: Panyu district in Guangzhou
    *Student Age: 3-6 years old
    *Working Time: 8:00am arrival, 9:00am- 12pm, 2:30pm-4:00pm
    *Salary: 10k-15k RMB/month.Paid Winter Vacation period for long contracts. 
    *Provide: Meals, Accommodation, Z Visa, Insurance, Flight Reimbursement on contract completion.
    *B.A. Or higher degree
    *TEFL Certification
    *2 years of teaching experience
    *A dedication to the profession with a passion for teaching.
     If you are intereste...
    ID:250348| 2019/01/29/13点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    11,000-13,000 RMB monthly
    Public School English Teacher 2019 spring
    Public School English Teacher
    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Monday to Friday, 8:00am-12:00pm, 2:00pm-5:30pm
    Maximum of 18 lessons per week for public school (40-45 minutes each lesson)
    Deliver learner-centered, engaging lessons to students

    Ensure equal participation of all students

    Complete all administrative tasks promptly

    Actively participate in professional development workshops and activities
    Attend school activities, parties, and other events
    Salary and Benefits
    11,000-13,000 RMB monthly base salary
    3,000 RMB monthly housing all...
    ID:250255| 2019/01/27/10点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    [Mister Tutor English Training Center]

    Job: Home Teaching // Training Center // Kindergarten
    - Location: Nansha, Guangzhou
    - 35 hours per week
    - Kids Age : 3-12
    - ¥10000 - ¥18000 per month
    - Support on visa process
    - Any other competencies like singing, playing guitar, sports and more can help you to get this job

    Please contact me if you want to know more details and benefits.
    MT. ETC
    ID:250207| 2019/01/26/12点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    Female Preferred English Teaching Position in Shenzhen Requires You! (Shenzhen)
    Location: Shenzhen

    Workload: Mon.-Fri. 8:10-17:10, Weekends off.
    Students age: 0-6
    Class size: no more than 24 students per class
    Salary: 20-28k(negotiable)

    Native English speaker only!
    Female preferred
    BA degree or above
    z visa required
    at least 2yrs working experience with kids
    TESOL preferred

    If you are interested in this position, pls contact me!
    ID:250163| 2019/01/25/14点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    11,000-13,000 RMB monthly
    We have teams dedicated to every aspect of your employment in China. SDE employs foreign managers and teaching mentors to optimize our processes, mediate cultural issues, and create a smooth and happy work life to ensure quality teaching and job satisfaction. Each teacher is assigned a dedicated recruiter, visa handler, and specialist. These team members are responsible for teachers’ recruitment, visa handling, and work and life in China respectively.

    Working and living in China, while massively rewarding, can also be a bit of challenge, with many cultural, regulatory and organizational d...
    SeaDragon Education LLC
    ID:250162| 2019/01/25/14点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    Full time job hiring in Guangzhou
    Start from Feb.
    4-16 yrs old, up to 12 kids with a TA.
    Materials are provided.
    16-20 teaching hours without fixed office hours. Mon. Tue. are off.
    accommodation (or house allowance )+ insurance + flight ticket allowance + 12-14k after taxes.
    Non-native speakers with decent accent is needed.
    ID:250146| 2019/01/25/09点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU

    Shenzhen Education group Kindergarten need
    1 European part tym teacher
    class hour:
    daxin. branch
    9:30-10:30 1hour
    once. in a week
    Any day of the week. besides Wednesday
    class hour

    job duties:
    30MINUTES class +free play with kids

    can start from FEB 15th
    ID:250083| 2019/01/24/09点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    Full-time job:Nanshan District of Shenzhen
    Go to work after the new year

    Work schedule:
    Weekdays off
    No more than 40 hours a week
    Children's age: 0-6 years old

    Salary: non-native 15k
    Native 20k

    Requirements :
    1,Rich working experience ,Good accent
    2.Bachelor degree, TEFF / TESOL
    If you are interested, please contact me
    ID:250059| 2019/01/23/19点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    18,000-21,000 RMB before tax for
    Perfect Benefits of International Kindergarten in Shekou,Nanshan, Shenzhen
    Pay package:
    18,000-21,000 RMB before tax for one month’s probation period ,
    19,000-22,000 RMB before tax after probation period,
    Free breakfast and lunch during Mon to Fri,
    School will apply work visa and resident permit,
    All Chinese holidays are paid,
    Summer and winter holidays and Christmas holidays will be fully paid as well,
    Flight bonus at the end of the contract,
    Homeroom teacher for Kindergarten students,
    Students age: 2.5 to 6 years old,
    Work from 8 am to 5 pm during Mon to Fri (1hours for...
    ID:249994| 2019/01/22/08点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    12,000-20,000 RMB/M
    Up To 20k + Housing Allowance + Weekdens Off + Primary School + Shenzhen
    【School Type】:Private school
    【Location】Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
    【Age group】Primary school students
    * From these native English-speaking countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand matching Chinese visa policy
    * Non-native English speakers who
    (1) got English related majors bachelor’s degree(or above) in the USA, Canada,
    United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and
    (2) come from Europe with good accent and fluent English-speaking.
    * At least 2 years working exp...
    ID:249942| 2019/01/21/07点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    8000RMB for BA
    Need ESL teacher ,IT teacher(non native welcome),Flute teacher(non native welcome)
    Package includes:
    Monthly Salary: 8000RMB for BA
    8500RMB for MA
    9000RMB for PHD
    Free apartment is also provided
    Z-visa sponsorship
    Airfare reimbursement up to 10000 RMB
    Insurance provided
    Paid holidays
    Extra Benefits:
    Help is providing for locating a apartment if you do not wish to use the school’s
    Schools provide English speaking coordinators to help you settle in.
    Constant Contact with the school directly throughout the application process.
    Contract Period: One year
    Teaching Hours P...
    ID:249939| 2019/01/21/07点
  • Guangdong Jobs > EDU
    [玫瑰]Shenzhen International School
    Kids training center
    Location : Futian Nanshan District
    1. salary about 18K a month
    2. Health insurance provided
    3. House allowance
    5. Work visa
    1. Minimum of Bachelor Degree.
    2. Teaching experience required.
    3. Legal teaching z visa only.

    if you are interested, send your resume and self-intro video please. thanks
    ID:249902| 2019/01/20/10点
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