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15-20k after tax
full time Guangzhou广州, 3positions in training centers.
[玫瑰]Salary range: 15-20k after tax
Location: 1yuzhu 鱼珠 of line 5; 2Hanxi Changlong 汉溪长隆of line 3;3two bus stops from kecun客村 of line 3
1.native English speaker or teachers who have a degree from a native English speaking country
2. Relevant experience ;
3. Work time: 10am-7pm from Wednesday to Sunday visa status is preferred;
5. Teaching certificate.
6. Pay for public holidays
7. Visa: will help teachers to make working visa if teachers meet the requirements from Chinese Government
[玫瑰]Contact wechat, if you're interested, thanks!
Guangzhou yuzhu of line 5; Hanxi Changlong of line 3;two bus stops from kecun of line 3
ID:244563 | 2018/10/10/08点

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