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We are a Chinese language and culture educational institute in Gulou. We have been active for 12 years in Beijing and we are looking for growth focused individuals to help us recruit students internationally.

Responsibilities include:

-Maintain social media accounts including WeChat, Facebook, and LinkedIn
-Create and maintain paid social advertising campaigns using Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn

-Update website with sales and marketing content including editing product and course descriptions, and event pages.
-Create and manage email marketing campaigns through mailchimp, and use our company CRM to create template emails to send to new leads and contacts.

- Maintain relationships with B2B customers including embassies, chambers of commerce, and large enterprises across China and the world.
- Develop new B2B relationships with SMEs and diplomatic organisations and organise Chinese language training and related services.

Salary can be discussed on application.
On-target-earnings will allow successful candidates to earn between 10,000 and 20,000 RMB per month, and commission payments will be uncapped so that candidates who excel will be able to earn higher salaries.

We are committed to improving our organisation as well as making the sales process more efficient with higher rates of success. This means that we will support you and offer training to win business and in the process create more earning potential for you.

Candidates should be fluent in either English or Mandarin, and can be Chinese or foreign.
Chinese candidates should have some English ability.
Foreign candidates must have Chinese skills or be committed to learning.
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