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Curriculum Developer
Posted by 浙江霍博教育科技有限公司 2017-10-10

1. Participate in the development of curriculum (inc. curriculum design, courseware design, open class design).
2. Participate in every step of educational product development, including revising curriculum based on in-class experience, camp experience and students' reaction.
4. Design and participate in teacher training sessions (inc. foreign teachers and assistant teachers).
5. Work from Mon. to Fri., free to work at home, but at least attend more than 2 meetings per week.

Minimum Requirements:
1. A bachelor’s degree awarded by an accredited university
2. Teaching experience
3. English speaker with excellent writing skills and command of grammar and language mechanics
4. Good communication skills with teenagers and patience

1. A master’s degree or above in education
2. two or more years of classroom teaching experience
3. Experience in the development of curriculum
Job Area 工作所在地:
China Zhejiang Hangzhou  
Specific Location
Pay Range 大概薪酬: