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    7-9k; 12-15k ( post tax)  Expat Job in Tangshan
    Native or non native teachers needed in kindergartens and training schools in Tangshan cities

    The teachers had better work at least for a year , qualified for working visa ;

    Working hours : 30-40h/ w

    Salary: 7-9k; 12-15k ( post tax);

    Housing and meals provided ; assist to get working visa .
    ID:243785| 2018/09/22/17点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    12000-14000rmb after tax  LangFang elementary school, (45km away from Beijing, Hebei province) work time 8-12am 2-5pm, offer nice accommodation, 12000-14000rmb after tax.
    ID:243724| 2018/09/21/07点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    12k to 13k with free accommodation  Kindergarten center need white European teachers with good accent to start work 15 September at hebei province .salary is 12k to 13k with free accommodation. If you are serious teacher ready to to move to any city send me your CV and self introduction video
    ID:243442| 2018/09/12/08点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    10k-13k per month  The English training center is offering basic English training classes to kids 3-9 years old.
    The school is located at Handan city and near the national highway.Now they need native English teachers.
    1. Students:3-9 years old
    2. Teaching time is less than 15 hours per week
    office hour working: from Wednesday to Friday 2:30pm-8:30pm on weekend 9:00am-6:oopm
    3. Working 6 days per week
    1. Good pronunciation, with good teaching skills
    2. Could start as soon as possible
    1. Salary: 10k-13k per month
    2. Free single accommodation near the school
    3. Holidays: o...
    ID:243393| 2018/09/10/16点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    10-15k+free flat, working visa provided  English teacher needed in training school in Hebei
    1.salary 10-15k+free flat, working visa provided
    2.less than 20 teaching hours weekly, no office hour. 4-months holiday with pay. Requirement: Native speaker or European. experience preferred, teaching certificate preferred
    Contact me if you are interested.
    Wechat: Firstedu_frank
    ID:243376| 2018/09/10/09点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    10-15k+free flat, working visa provided  English teacher needed in training school in Hebei
    1.salary 10-15k+free flat, working visa provided
    2.less than 20 teaching hours weekly, no office hour. 4-months holiday with pay. Requirement: Native speaker or European. experience preferred, teaching certificate preferred
    Contact me if you are interested.
    Wechat: Firstedu_frank
    ID:243360| 2018/09/09/20点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    17k - 22k a mo.  Hebei Training Center
    👤 Native Teacher Needed
    📍: Tangshan, Hebei prov
    Age Group: 4 - 12 years old
    Class Size: 12 kids MAX
    Working Days: Wed - Sun
    Hours: 35 hrs a week MAX
    Benefits: Paid Holidays
    Salary : 17k - 22k a mo.
    Bonus: Contract Completion
    Housing: Allowance ✔️
    Visa: We provide 🏅
    🗣WeChat: vipchinateacher
    🇦🇺 🇨🇦 NATIVES ONLY
    ID:243280| 2018/09/08/11点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    15k-20k/month   Love education, implantation of quality education, execute the requirements by “Teacher
    Law of China”
     Participate in the co-curricular after-school activities program two afternoons per week
     Complete at least 25 periods a week of teaching tasks;
     Adhere to best practice teaching policies and procedures as implemented by the school
     needs to participate in school recruitment by working between one and three Saturdays
    or Sundays in the year.
     be required to attend assembly every week, and homeroom period every morning.
     Periodic evening commitments occasionally arise
    Langfang Jobs | LCAREER
    ID:240366| 2018/03/26/09点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      职位描述1. Implement all school policies as described in the Board Policy Manual and as amended by subsequent Board actions.
    2. Provable educational leadership:
    • Provide for the safety of students at the school.
    • Oversee the Implementation of teaching and instructional curriculum.
    • Evaluation and assessment of the educational program, activities and needs of the school.
    • Presentation of future plans for improvement of academic programs.
    • Evaluate and assess the educational program, activities, and needs of the school.
    • Leadership to the administration and faculty, with the ...
    Langfang Jobs | Love Career consultant company
    ID:240265| 2018/03/17/10点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU

    Position Requirements
    1.AForeign English Teacher ( Part-time), Native speaker of English required(American/British/Canadian/Australianispreferred).
    2.Bachelor Degree or Higher.
    3.Energetic Individuals.Active ,outgoing, patient with good personality, andbe responsible for the teaching.
    4.Have Englisheducation experience and teaching technologic.
    5.1 year English teaching experience preferred.
    1.Free accommodation.
    2.Insurance andtrain(bus)ticket allowance.
    Students age:5years old-Adult.
    Chengde Jobs | 新海岸外教英语(
    ID:238379| 2017/08/07/19点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      Job discription:
    1. Prepare lessons well and write down teaching plans prior to teaching.
    2. Conduct English lessons alone or with Chinese teachers.
    3. Assess children's work, such as words, sentences, reading, drama performances and art work.
    4. Take an active part in children’s extra-curriculum activities of the employing Party.
    5. Teaching schedule and content must follow the school’s requirements.
    6. Finish the job efficiently related to teaching include finish the weekly plan to students, attend the teaching meeting and communicate with the parents regularly.
    7. Other offi...
    Langfang Jobs | Motivate English Langfang
    ID:238352| 2017/08/04/09点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      Hi There
    Thank you for your attention to my post
    Here is a one day part time job every week
    Location: Langfang city, 20min by express train from Beijing
    It's in a primary school
    Students: 6 to 12 years old, 20 to 40 one group
    Scheudle is: one day a week, can based on your time. 4 or 6 or 7 classes per day

    Experienced teacher
    Hold a working visa
    Can take it for one year. It's a pretty stable job
    PT | Langfang Jobs | primary school
    ID:238307| 2017/07/31/15点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      Hello and welcome,

    there is a great work opportunity appeared for all the ski and snowboard fans from January until the end of February 2017.
    My name is Leo and Im looking for ski and snowboard instructors (approx.. 3 males and 4 females) to work in my team in Winter Camp Terms at Hebei province ChongLi city (3 hours driving distance from Beijing).

    You have to have at least 3 or more years of skiing or snowboarding experience, and also a knowledge of the basics of teaching skiing or snowboarding technics.
    (There are highly skilled tutors at the resort to help us to improve our skills...
    Zhangjiakou Jobs | a company
    ID:237778| 2016/12/28/13点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    1. Can provide15k-20k rmb per month
    2. This is a contract job.
    3. Arrive school ASAP
    4..provide Chinese class
    5.provide flight allowance every year
    6.provide free apartment or 2000rmb house allowance
    20 teaching hours per week
    Native English speakers from USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
    If you are interested in this teaching position, you can send your documents: résumé/photos/diploma/passport to me and I will help soon.
    a training center
    ID:237672| 2016/12/19/10点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      Requirment: Native English Speakers or Non-native but graduated with a BA from native english school, TEFL holder or with 2 years teaching experiences.

    Location: Xianghe,Hebei
    Teaching hours per week:25hours
    Office hours per week:10hours
    Working days per week:5days
    Students’ age:3-12
    class size: 10 students/class
    Duration of eacher class 40 minutes/class

    Salary: 10K-13K/per month, provide accommodation
    Off days: Monday and Tuesday
    Hebei Training School
    ID:237632| 2016/12/16/11点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
    7000  Need full time English Teacher in Cangzhou city

    Hi teachers, we need two full time English teacher in Cangzhou
    experience Kindergarten English speaker
    Teach children and kids
    have one year experiences
    Know how to deal with children
    Like teaching
    Salary is negotiable, provide the accommodation

    Wechat: 604386886
    Cangzhou Jobs | Tianrui english
    ID:236742| 2016/09/19/20点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      Part-time basketball coach
    On Sunday and Saturday, Teenagers basketball teaching in the city of Bazhou(south of Beijing). The teaching content is how to play basketball, rules and basic tactics of basketball and basketball English. 2~4 classes per weekend, 8~16 classes per month, each class is about 2.5 hours, a total of 20 to 40 hours per month working hours.
    1. Mother tongue is English.
    2. Like playing basketball, familiar with the rules of basketball, tactics of basketball, and basic teaching skill (the company will provide curriculum content and curriculum arrangement)
    PT | Langfang Jobs | 北京凌云万端科技文化有限公司
    ID:236380| 2016/08/30/11点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      Tongxin School of Art is an independent, coeducational boarding private school serving a diverse community of boarding and day students. We have job positions with details as followings:

    Workload: 25 hours per week,
    Have office hours
    weekends off
    Salary: 8000-10000RMB per month
    Requirements: Native speakers
    Accept non-native speakers with good accent
    Bachelor Degree
    More than 2 years teaching experience
    Benefits: Sponsor Z visa
    accommodation provided

    If you are interested, please send us:
    A photocopy of your degree/diploma/certificate
    CV (Name/Gender/Nationality)...
    Shijiazhuang Jobs | Tongxin School of Art
    ID:235563| 2016/07/11/09点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      Part time english teacher needed in Gu'an,Hebei,near Daxing

    A public university is looking for part time english teachers starting this Sep.School locates in Gu'an,Langfang,Hebei,near Daxing.Teaching load for each week is 16 classes,salary is 15000 to 18000 per month,school can help to arrange one week's classes in two days.If you are interested in this position,please send me your necessary documents listed below by email.

    1.A recent photo of you,your DOB
    2.Copy of your University degree in JPG format
    3.TEFL certificate,Recommendation letters,Police Certificate if you have
    4.Resume i...
    PT | A public university
    ID:235439| 2016/07/05/11点
  • Hebei Jobs 河北 > EDU
      English campus education is one of the biggest kindergarten English training institutions in Hebei Province which is proficient in English training and is famous for foreigners teaching kindergarten English has good prospects for development which has overseas support and there are rich resources in headquarters-Shijiazhuang. Its my pleasure to welcome you to join to develop.
    As a leader of early-children education field, we committed to the second language of children education, its a long-term mission for us to make kindergarten education best.

    Teaching english for kindergarten
    Shijiazhuang Jobs | English Campus Education
    ID:235301| 2016/06/28/17点
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