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    Negotiate | Looking for Full-Time & Part-Time International Marketer
    We are looking for international marketers to strengthen our business in the global market.
    What you do? Promote the company's products through Facebook, instagram, and other social media(Video, pictures, text, etc.), tracking prospective customers and forming orders.
    *full-time and part-time, salary negotiation*
    Please contact me through Wechat for more details:15558095367(Vincent)
    FT/PT Possible | Hangzhou BTN E-bike Co.,Ltd
    ID:272586| 2021/09/01/11点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > CORP
    10000-15000 RMB per month
    Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine chefs
    Job Type: Full Time
    Industry & Field: Beverages
    Vacancies: 1
    Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 10,000 to 15,000
    Contact Name: 蔡总
    Refresh Date: Sep. 14, 2021
    Expiration Date: Nov. 14, 2021     
    Job Description: 
    1、Responsible for making menus and dishes
    2、Be able to make dishes skillfully
    3、Responsible for kitchen staff management and production
    4、Responsible for the quality of dishes and raw materials
    Qualifications & Requirements: 
    Familiar with the recipe and production of Turkish and Middle East dishes. Kitchen staff management ex...
    ID:272778| 2021/09/14/22点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    20-28 k/month
    High-end Kindergarten in Wuxi
    School type:Montessori Kindergarten
    Salary range:20-28 k/month
    Homeroom teacher position
    -Native English speaker
    -Minimum 2 years teaching experience is required for working visa
    -The certificate of TEFL/TESOL
    -Design and follow a completeteaching plan
    -Organize learning materials and resources
    -Assess students' performance and progress
    -Fun,creative,patient,responsible and loving,and a good team player
    -Working time:8 am- 5 pm from Monday to Friday(1 hour and a half for lunch break)
    -Free apartment provided
    -The National holidays
    ID:272514| 2021/08/21/23点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    19,000---25,000 RMB/ month
    International kindergarten in Suzhou with high salary plus good benefits
    Job Description
    Native English speaker only
    Bachelor’s Degree or above
    At least two years of English teaching experience
    or accomplish at least 120 TEFL/TESOL hours with course certificate
    or major in education
    Work Visa (Z)
    1.Teachers for Primary School:
    20 teaching periods (40 minutes) in a week. Monday to Friday. No office hours.
    2.Teachers for kindergarten except Smart Kids
    8:45 to 11:20am and 2:30 to 5pm. Around 25 classes a week. Monday to Friday. Working day...
    ID:272489| 2021/08/19/10点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    Up to 30 k monthly
    Location:Wujiang Suzhou
    School type:Kindergarten
    On board time:August
    Salary range:Up to 30 k monthly
    1.Native English speaker with a BA
    2.Female teacher whom majored in Education is preferred
    3.Teaching experience in kindergarten
    4.The certificate of TEFL/TESOL
    Work load:
    1.Teaching materials provided
    2.The duration of each class:30 mins
    3.Ten-Fifteen classes per week
    4.Class size:15-20
    5.Age group:2-6
    1.Free accommodation or 2 k of housing allowance
    2.Flight allowance:5000 RMB
    3.The National Holidays(11 days)+Christmance holiday(2 days)+Winter holiday...
    ID:272120| 2021/07/16/11点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    Teach English to Adults Online
    FT/PT Possible | Language Master
    ID:272095| 2021/07/11/11点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    RMB (CNY) 3,500 to 10,000
    Process Technician(English is working language)

    Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 3,500 to 10,000

    Phone Number:
    Job Description:
    The responsibility for the process technician will be(Salary is negotiable)
    1. Operating and controlling the factory daily and 24 hours, 7 days per week.
    2. Do regularly inspections in the factory and if needed take necessary actions to
    ensure safe production.
    3. Ensure that the factory is clean and tidy and do the main part of the cleaning.
    4. Take out samples and deliver them to the QC-lab.
    5. Following-up on lab analyses and make necessary adjustm...
    ID:271897| 2021/06/20/11点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    1. Native English speaker or Non- Native English speaker (母语或非母语);
    2. Bachelor's degree or above (本科及以上);
    3. At least 1 year related experience (至少一年及以上相关工作经验);
    4. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate preferred(国际英语教师资格证TEFL/TESOL/CELTA);
    5. 22 to 35 years old(年龄范围).
    Job Content(工作内容):
    1. Job title(职位名称): English Teacher;
    2. Provide English course to students of all ages(授课对象年龄): 4 to 13;
    3.Give demos to new students(试讲课); yes  
    4. Attend weekly meeting, training, workshop and do paper work required(周例会...
    Taizhou Jobs | WeESL
    ID:271592| 2021/05/28/16点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    27-32k in yangzhou,high salary ,tourist city ,paid holiday
    Recruitment Conditions:
    Foreign teacher education: bachelor degree or above
    Contract period: at least 1 year
    Foreign teacher qualifications: lively and cheerful, have teaching experience
    Job Description:
    Working time: no more than 108 hours of teaching time per month, mainly on weekends.There may be a small number of co-op classes during the week.Mondays and Tuesdays closed
    Courses taught: English
    Student ages: 3-16 years
    Class size: small class size, no more than 14 students per class
    Workplace: Besides class time, 1.5 hours of works...
    Yangzhou Jobs | WeESL
    ID:271583| 2021/05/27/17点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    high salary ,two days off ,tuorist city
    Salary and payment: monthly salary 18-30K, depending on the situation of foreign teachers to negotiate
    Accommodation: includes accommodation, apartment
    Holiday leave: regular holiday benefits
    Visa: native language can apply for teaching English teacher work visa
    Bonus: generous bonus upon completion of one - year contract
    Working hours: Fridays off Tuesdays off Mondays and Tuesdays off;40 hours of working time and 25 hours of teaching time
    Bachelor degree or above
    Have TEFL or TESOL certificate, qualified to apply for work permit (all documents are comp...
    Yancheng Jobs | WeESL
    ID:271451| 2021/05/19/16点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    30,000 RMB per month
    Kindergarten (Nursery School) in Suzhou with high salary plus good benefits
    The teachers who are currently in China.
    Native English Speaker preferable
    Subject to Teach: Oral English for kids
    Working Days per week: 5 days, 8AM-12AM, 2PM-6PM (approx. two hours for teaching, others mainly for English environment creating)
    Age ranges: 3-6 years old
    Class Size: within 25 students
    Location: Beijing, Haidian District
    Kindergarten ESL teaching jobs, are an extremely rewarding and exciting job and an opportunity to have a whole lot of fun while playing an important role in a child’s early lang...
    ID:271204| 2021/04/29/21点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    Kingdergarten in wuxi jiangsu province,
    need a number of foreign teachers who are lively/enthusiastic/optimistic in July,
    native teachers first
    work time:8:30-17:00 from Monday to Friday,
    winter vacation 3 weeks,
    Please reply us with your resume (with mobile number and email address) / photo / passport / visa / degree/ TESOL or TEFL certificate )
    Contract person:Carrie jia
    Wuxi Jobs | Institute of Electronic Science and Technology of
    ID:270793| 2021/03/27/10点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU

    无锡市梁溪区 幼儿园
    Recruitment conditions
    Degree: Bachelor or above
    Age required: under 45
    Other requirement: TESOL / TEFL in China is required without more than two years of teaching experience and no criminal certificate
    job content:
    Subject to teach: English
    Teaching hours per week: 20 hours
    Duration of each class: 15 ~ 30 minutes (depends on kids' age)
    Office hours per week: 8:30-17:00 (Mon-Fri)
    Students' age: 2-6 years old
    Salary: 18K-25K
    Apartment: single apartment (or 2K housing subsidy)
    Air allowance: 7K
    Insurance: commercial insurance
    ID:270715| 2021/03/25/09点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    Teacher of Early Years
    Nanwai King’s College School is one of three schools in China initiated through partnership between the highly successful Chinese education management group, Dipont Education, and the prestigious King’s College School, Wimbledon. A third partner in Wuxi is Nanjing Foreign Language School, one of China’s leading schools. At capacity, the whole school will serve over 3,100 students from 3 to 18 years of age.
    Reporting to the Head of Kindergarten, the successful applicant will join the school in August 2021. The Kindergarten caters for children aged 3 to 6 and operates...
    ID:270745| 2021/03/25/22点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    20,000-25,000 RMB
    Early education center in Foshan with high salary plus good benefits
    Job Details
    Start date: March 2021
    Salary: 20,000-25,000 RMB
    Schedule: 7-8 hours each day; two days off per week
    Class size: 15-25 students
    Teaching assistant: yes
    Student age group: 0.5-6 years old
    Visa: work visa, work permit and residence permit.
    Others: Airport support, up to 750 RMB Hotel reimbursements, 3k RMB winter/summer vacation
    allowance, all paid public holidays, Accident insurance, Job orientation and on-going training,
    Delicious Chinese food and amazing working experience, traditional Chinese culture ...
    ID:270652| 2021/03/23/21点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    ESL teacher

    1.Job Description:
    students ’ages:4 to 13;
    Handle all class sizes from 1 on 1 to groups
    5 working days per week; yes
    Working time per week: 35 (25 teaching + 10non-teaching)

    Basic salary:15-22K RMB/month;

    3.Allowance system
    a. Housing allowance: free apartment
    b.The accident insurance:During the tenure of the teacher, we will purchase accident insurance for him/her.
    ID:270518| 2021/03/15/15点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    Non-native or native ESL teacher for training centre.
    ID:270457| 2021/03/12/17点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    18000-24000 RMB before tax
    Science teacher in Wuxi with high salary plus good benefits
    Basic Requirements:
    Bachelor’s degree or above
    Willingness to work as part of a team and being comfortable in a working environment with culture diversity.
    Open minded and willing to put an extra effort in helping to implement our school policies and values.
    No criminal record, must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in one’s country or one’s country’s Embassy in China
    Strong written and verbal communication skills; excellent teamwork skills Other Requirements
    Job Descriptions:
    Meet and instruct our integr...
    ID:270458| 2021/03/12/21点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    14000 to 17000RMB after tax
    Primary/middle school positions in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province
    Teaching position: Full time Oral English teacher
    Level of institution: Cooperated schools from elementary to high school
    Location: Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province
    Students: Elementary to high school
    Class size: 30 to 55 students per class
    Time to start: March 2021
    Contract Duration: One school year
    Salary: 14000 to 17000RMB after tax for teachers who are in China now
    Teaching hours: Maximum 24 hours per week, no evening or weekend teaching
    Compensation package:
    A) Free housing (2000RMB to 3000RMB per month s...
    ID:270317| 2021/03/04/07点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    native English...
    Looking for foreign teachers
    This is ENGLINE English Training Centre, looking for native English teachers.
    Native speaker
    It is better with teaching experience
    What we can provide you:
    Good salary
    Great working environment
    Friendly colleagues
    Flexible schedule
    Reach us at email
    ID:270218| 2021/03/02/13点
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