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Massive Jobs in Linyi 4U!

  • (09/11)  By:山东临沂市兰山区洪恩英语培训学校
    PT or FT | Job Location: Shandong Linyi

    Full-time monthly salary: ¥10K-20K per month, within 20 hours class time and two days break every week as well;


    Part-time wages: ¥120-200RMB per hour, Working hours can be arranged according to your own schedule.


    Benefit package :If the Excellent performance you’ve done, you will have free opportunity to travel the world.


    Require: Bachelor degree or above, English pronunciation standard, articulation clear, no bad hobby, no criminal record, obedience management, teamwork and be friendly.
  • (04/25)  By:Shandong crazy English school
    FT | Job Location: Shandong Linyi
    Native English-speaking teacher. Students are from primary school and middle school.Welcome to work in our school.You will have fun here.You'd better speak a little Chinese.It will be great if you come to my school in mid-June.
    Job description
    1. Location: Shandong
    2. Student Group: 13-18years old
    3. Working hours: 9am-18:00pm.
    4. One year contract (possible to extend)
    5. Class Capacity: 30 students
    6. Start date: ASAP

    Requirements / Qualifications:
    1. Native English speakers with standard pronunciation.
    2. Passionate, love to work with kids and willing to devote time and effort for the benefit of both kids and parents;
    3. Open-minded, easy-going, patient and responsible;