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We recruit native / non-native language teachers; French teachers;

Welcome to high school, junior high school, primary school, language school, kindergarten experience of the consultation;

1 coordinates: Chaoyang District, Beijing, near Sanlitun; Wangjing area; Qingdao City, Shandong Province;

Convenient transportation; shopping convenience;

2 Accommodation: accommodation (based on school type, and salary); food / subsidy

Full year ticket subsidy. Holiday allowance / help to find part-time; winter vacation, summer vacation to provide free accommodation;

3 working hours: 20-40 hours (depending on the type of school; with / without office hours; wage reference standard! **)

4 ** - @@ - ** Salary:
According to the teacher's nationality, pronunciation (important conditions),
Teaching background (important condition), professional (important condition),
Chinese and foreign teaching experience (important condition);
Whether it meets the conditions of work visa;

** basic conditions; have undergraduate education; have teaching experience at least 2-3 years; pronunciation clear;

Requirements: (refused to have no integrity! Requirements of quality, responsibility, not to determine the cooperation after the wages, accommodation and other special requirements!)

Pronunciation must be good, no accent; a teacher qualification certificate;

(Salary requirements: 12-20k job search must have a wealth of experience and perfect pronunciation; must have years of Chinese teaching experience, foreign teaching experience: 5 - 10 years;)

Language professional graduation best, acceptable to other professional;
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