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15k-20k RMB
Full time 15k-20k RMB per month
Location Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Shenzhen


As a home teaching teacher, you will be going from one kid’s house to another kid’s house to teach classes, usually you will be assigned to a district either near where you live or where we are urgently understaffed. You can get to the kid’s house for your next class within one hour, so you won’t have a long commute between classes. During the contract period, you will teach a maximum 25 teaching hours per week, the teacher’s duties will include:

A. To prepare for the lessons (Teaching plans, lesson plans, homework arrangement, etc.);
B. Communication with parents and staffs after class;
C. Attending weekly meeting;
D. Participating in school events/performances or training
As to your future working environment, it is more like teaching in an exclusive house with
5-8 lovely kids together.

- Native English speakers with responsible working attitude are preferred
- Non Native English speakers are also preferred, but requires fluent English proficiency and responsible working attitude. (Prefer an European or American)
- Love children and being energetic
- Does not mind commuting around the city
- Team player and be responsible at work
Required Languages

Yangpu Room501,Building10,Knowledge and Innovation Community(KIC),no.290,songhu Road | Wingokids English
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