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Recruiting Foreign Woman Secretaries
Posted by a company 2017-12-05

Working place: Beijing, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Shanghai and other places
Requirements: 20-30 years of age, height 170, looks beautiful figure sexy, thought avant-garde, honest and kind, careful and responsible, heavy faith. Strong public relations communication ability, good at interpersonal communication and planning and organization work! A variety of business office software, a certain number of computer websites, mobile APP background system maintenance ability, familiar with the Internet and network platform management.
Responsibilities: responsible for the enterprise website, WeChat public platform management, coordination management, star search, beauty beauty and foreign artists brokerage cooperation, assist with business leaders, maintaining the relationship between international agent, development of resources, and create a better performance!
Pay: base salary paid $RMB10000+ reward, according to the specific conditions of personnel.
A resumes and 3-5 recruitment are sent by the interested party.
Job Area 工作所在地:
China Guangdong Shantou  
Specific Location
Pay Range 大概薪酬: