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20000 RMB/month ( Yearly Bonus)
International kindergarten in Futian District, Shenzhen currently hiring. (1 position is available)
Job Type: Full time
Salary: 20000 RMB/month ( Yearly Bonus)
Compensation & Benefit: working visa; medical insurance; Full paid winter, Christmas and summer holidays in addition the public holidays.
Starting Date: ASAP
Essential Requirements:
1. Native English Speaker from England, U.S., Canada, New Zealand or Australia, with clear enunciation, (Chinese regulations)
2. One of: BA (Hons) in Teaching. BA (Hons) in English. PGCE.
3. Minimum 2 to 3 years teaching experience.
4. Truly outgoing personality with such traits as: creative, energized, fun-loving, happy, responsible, patient, punctual, kind, honest etc!
Position Details:
English Teachers at our Kindergarten are responsible for planning and implementing English (following set kindergarten routines) in 1 separate classrooms, where children are aged 2 to 6 years old. Furthermore English Teachers are expected to assist with classroom decoration, linked to everyday English and the schools current teaching topics, oversees and maintains the observation, assessment and recording of the students’ growth and development throughout the entire school year. English Teachers are also expected to fully integrate into our Kindergarten, in relation to participation in the Kindergarten events (which can occur outside of normal hours). English Teachers contributes to the overall success of the school, including participates in at least one after school activity and other marketing events; and assists with non-teaching duties such as lunch and rest duties, also attends staff operational and professional development meetings.
As reward for the above, English Teachers are: paid a strong salary, taken out to dinner/lunch every so often, eligible for some staff bonuses (money and leisure).
Class placement: 2-6 years old. A maximum of 12 classes can be hosted.
Class placement: Nursery (15 child/class),Pre-K1(20-25 child/class),Pre-K2(25 child/class),K(25child/class).
Teachers' arrangement: A foreign teacher, a head teacher, an assistant teacher, and a nursery teacher.
Please send CV and Cover Letter to e-mail or Wechat
ID:253582 | 2019/06/19/10点

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