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RMB (CNY) 10,000 to 70,000
Sale/Project Manager Job Description: Sale/Project manager 1. Acted as the first window for customers to communicate and understand product requirements. 2. In the product development stage, communicated with the project team, formulated the project plan, presided over the internal project meeting, assigned work tasks, clarified work requirements, and implemented the target time for the completion of various tasks 3. Responsible for the implementation, tracking, feedback and supervision of project products and delivery plans 4. Follow up and follow up the progress of various tasks of each department, mold, process and quality to ensure the timely completion of products 5. Coordinated with the project team and customers to communicate the problems of the product, and the requirements of both parties were consistent. 6. Communicate with upper management about resource allocation of internal work tasks 7. Follow up the connection of work of various departments, and manage the application and production process of documents. Qualifications & Requirements: Qualifications: 1. Proficient in writing product documents, product presentations and data analysis with ERP, MS and Office software; 2, Project management ability, business opening stronger. 3. Native level English ability 4. Strong planning, logic and outstanding execution ability. 5. Strong communication, coordination and presentation skills; 6. Experience in silicone rubber mold business is preferred. Benefits & Welfare: Salary could be discussed based on experiences and ability Accomodation / Transportation on - off to work provided
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