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Primary School Teacher Position Overview: With recognition that the staff at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills (BMH) are the school’s most valuable resource, we are seeking to appoint an exemplary Primary (Prep) School Teacher to deliver our inquiry-based programme and build positive relationships with and exceptional outcomes for our students based on our School Values, including those of Holistic Education and Intellectual Rigour. BMH, partnered with Bromsgrove School in England, is an innovative bilingual school following a blended, inquiry-based curriculum including elements of Chinese and Western pedagogies. As such, the successful candidate will be expected to be creative in their approach to curriculum development and implementation, to support the cognitive and social benefits of bilingualism and display an open-minded and respectful mindset to multiculturalism within our Chinese context. Candidate Overview: The successful candidate will possess personal and professional qualities that lend themselves to excellence in collaboration and communication and will work well in a large team of educators with a wide range of experiences. The candidate will have a love for teaching and learning within a Primary setting, a passion for making learning both meaningful and interconnected for students and a strong aptitude for using assessments to offer meaningful feedback and track progress. Knowledge or experience in inquiry-based programmes such as the IB is preferred. In fulfilling requirements of the post, you will demonstrate essential professional characteristics and in particular will: • Create an outstanding and engaging classroom culture based on student agency and inquiry • Build strong routines and systems for language learning, including for ELLs, and for social development • Engage wholeheartedly in parent communication and offer opportunities for parents to engage in learning • Summatively and formatively assess with skill and rigour Some key roles and responsibilities of the post will include: • Developing engaging and developmentally appropriate Inquiry Units through team planning within our established Programme of Inquiry • Delivering regular language learning opportunities through a range of strategies • Creating meaningful links between different areas of the curriculum within each Inquiry Unit to make learning relevant, engaging and interconnected • Undertaking CoCurricular Activities and Clubs to enrich Holistic learning Bromsgrove School Mission Hills Description Mission: To empower students to pursue excellence in its many forms and acquire the skills necessary to become critical thinking, self-actualised problems solvers and compassionate global citizens. At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, we are committed to building a pre-eminent school. Our programme is unique, with a blend of best practice from both East and West, focusing on the wide benefits of bilingualism and remaining , always, focused on success for the child and open-minded to innovative approaches to achieving this success. Our partnership with Bromsgrove School, UK, brings the depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge a historically successful school affords, elevated with the passion and pioneering spirit of a newly established school. Accepting both Nationals and International passport holders, we teach international mindedness with a focus on learning about the culture of our host nation to grow understanding about other cultures in our community and around the world. The Prep School campus includes a Learning Kitchen, Dance and Drama studios, Science and Design Labs, Maker Space, large Library, IT Suite, Multipurpose Atrium, Art and Music Rooms, Gymnasium, outside play spaces and Dining Hall. Location The school is nestled on the edge of the lush oasis of the Mission Hills resort, the largest Golf Resort in the world, with green spaces available for students and staff in which to learn and play, amenities and entertainment options a few minutes walk away, an Eco Park and mountain trails nearby, beaches less than an hour away and Hong Kong Island just 2 hours from our door. Benefits Along with your highly competitive salary, and the opportunity to live within the vibrant and verdant city of Shenzhen, you will enjoy the following benefits: • Annual flight allowance • Relocation allowance • International in-patient healthcare • Subsidy towards housing in the beautiful Mission Hills resort • 80% subsidy on school tuition fees for up to two children Application Information To apply, please email your CV, Cover Letter and one page statement of educational philosophy to email and please be sure to include email addresses and phone numbers of at least 3 referees - one of whom should be your current Head/ Director/ Supervisor. Note: Contract starts from 1st of August 2020 with salary payments calculated from the same day; the successful candidate will be expected to arrive in mid August for the Orientation for new and returning staff. Students start school by the beginning of September. The closing date for applications is July 1st 2020.
Shenzhen 8 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen, China
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