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English teacher
Nationality of a Foreign Teacher: Both native and non-native languages can be Russian, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Serbia, all of these nationalities can be.
Foreign teacher education: university degree or above.
Foreign teachers personal situation: 25-45 year old white preferably TEFL
Qualifications of foreign teachers: 1-3 years' experience
Working hours: arrange about 25 hours per week, and rest on Monday and Tuesday.
Student age: 3-18
Class size: small class size, no more than 15 people per class.
Attendance: in addition to class time, 15 hours of office hours.
Salary: 12K-18K
Salary and payment method: 12K-18K
Accommodation: free accommodation
Visa processing: non Chinese native visa application, mother tongue nationality eligible for working visa conditions can be processed.
Medical and accident insurance: Yes.
Tourism and transportation: None
Assistant: there is
Anyone interested please feel free to contact and send a short video of your introduction. If possible (good pronunciation is the main requirement), add my microblog for more details.
Suzhou Children's English training school in Shanghai
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