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Mercan English (Shanxi Taiyuan 山西太原)is looking for full-time teachers. Our school has been around in taiyuan since 1997 we are licensed to hire and give proper z-visas to foreigners (but of course we can only provide visas to foreigners who qualify. School is bound by Chinese laws). Apartments with boardband Internet connection and paid electricity are provided. You'll have 25 classes in a week. Anything above 25 is considered overtime. If you don't have any classes you don't have to come into work. You'll have one guaranteed day off but our class load is highest during the weekend. So you might end up with more. Mostly we don't have classes during the weekdays.

But only native speakers,you have to hold apassport from anative speaking country.
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ID:235595 | 2016/07/12/15点

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