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    9-15k/month or 5000RMB
    Locaiton:Jinzhong city,Shanxi province
    A early education center called Rompy n’roll in Jinzhou which is about 10 minutes way by train to Taiyuan,the capital of Shanxi province is looking for non-native with good accent to start asap!!!!
    Requirements:must be young and actively,love kids,a good team worker!
    Schedule:Mon&Tue off;70-80 classes every month,each class lasts 45 minutes.
    Salary and Benefits:9-15k/month or 5000RMB as base salary,you will get 150RMB for each class;accommodation provided.
    Contact to get more details
    ID:253432| 2019/06/11/15点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    10000-18000 RMB
    job description:
    Work in a kindergarten or training center
    Teach 2-12 years old students
    Work hours: 40 hours in a week, less than 25 teaching hours,5 days working 2 days off per week.
    18-45 years old
    Native English speaker or non-native with good accent from European countries.
    Healthy,Patient and love kids. Degree holder,non criminal record
    1.10000 to 18000 RMB per month after tax(depend on your qualification)+free apartment or housing allowance.
    2. Free apartment or 1500 RMB housing allowance.
    3. System teaching training at Guangzhou HQ.
    4. Free airport pick up ...
    Melhome ESL company
    ID:252704| 2019/04/29/17点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    10000-18000 RMB
    Our company is committed to finding the best foreign teachers for children's English institutions and kindergartens. We will provide you with generous remuneration, salary and environment.

    Job description:
    Work in a kindergarten or training center
    Teach 2-12 years old students
    Work hours: 40 hours in a week, less than 25 teaching hours,5 days working 2 days off per week.
    18-45 years old
    Native English speaker or non-native with good accent from European countries.
    Healthy,Patient and love kids. Degree holder,non criminal record
    1.10000 to 18000 RMB per month after...
    Melhome ESL company
    ID:252703| 2019/04/29/17点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU
    1000RMB per day
    Earn 12,000RMB after taxes
    for 12days
    University summer teacher in Taiyuan
    ♢  University Summer teacher wanted in Taiyuan city( July 1-14)
    ♢  vacancies : 50
    ♢  30 teaching hours per week for 2 weekends,
    ♢    Hold at least Bachelor degree or above
    ♢    Hold TESOL, TEFL,CELTA or equivalent certificates
    ♢    Native Speakers from US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa only
    ♢  1000RMB per day ,
    ♢  free accommodation and meal.  
    ♢  insurance covering major diseases and accidents
    ♢  Historical sites visi...
    ID:252689| 2019/04/28/21点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    12000-15000 for Univeristy ESL Teachers
    Monthly salary:12000-15000RMB
    free apartment provided
    Airfare reimbursement 10000RMB
    Medical insurance provided
    Contract duration:one year
    Work visa processed
    Students age group: adults level
    18classes and 5 working days per week
    Start Date:August,2019

    Required Qualifications:
    bachelor degree holder or above
    Native English speakers only
    Any relevant university teaching experience preferred.
    Responsible for the task arranged by the employer
    Jiaxing Rick Culture Commuication Co.,Ltd
    ID:251522| 2019/03/05/14点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    (VIP) 20000-25000
    we need native english teachers,

    Beijing (fangshan)

    provide BECAUTIFUL apartment
    work visa / business visa
    25-40 years old

    ID:251588| 2019/03/07/09点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU
    USD 2500 - 3000
    Teach English in Taiyuan - Take home 3000$ - Housing allowance
    Salary and the welcome package:
    Base Salary: USD 2500 - 3000
    Housing allowance of USD 290 – 580
    Monthly bonuses based on performance
    Airfare Bonus: provided once contract is fulfilled USD 1100 Insurance: Basic Chinese health insurance.
    All holidays off paid fully
    Annual Holiday: 1st year teacher has 3 paid annual leave.
    Sick Leave: 5 paid days’ sick leave.
    Organized team-building activities
    Personal Career Development Planning
    Salary and the welcome package:
    Base Salary: USD 2500 - 3000
    Housing allowance of USD ...
    ID:250491| 2019/02/02/06点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    $2,500 - $3,000 + Apartment
    What should you know about teaching in Myanmar

    Myanmar is an enchanting and mysterious country that has a tumultuous background. Formally known as Burma, Myanmar has been isolated from the rest of the world for the last twenty years due to inner political turmoil.
    Recently Myanmar has opened it’s borders and joined ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). They are a nation on the rise, with both domestic and foreign investors building a bigger economy.
    With the rapid flood of investment and opportunity, and the fact that English is poised to be the official business language of A...
    ID:249435| 2019/01/10/19点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    ACT NOW - this is a new position. The sooner you apply, the better your chances are of getting the job!

    A new semester will start, if you want to change your job, there are many good chances, don't miss them. Helping foreigners find suitable jobs is our duty. So we try our best to open many positions for you.

    At present, we are in urgent need of 10 full-time native English teachers in public elementary schools ! ¥13000-20000 per month as subsidy. We also offer free accommodation.

    China has a long history and rich culture, if you are interested in China and are eager to learn about it...
    Beijing Risunhongwen International Culture Exchang
    ID:247802| 2018/12/13/13点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU
    A hotel in Shanxi province need 1 female receptionist from European countries
    Location: Xiao Yi city, Shan Xi province
    Salary: 13-17k per month, negotiable.
    provide work visa , free accommodation, free meals
    The job only avaliable for the candidate who is currently located in China, experienced candidates preferred. Can speak basic Chinese
    ID:247766| 2018/12/12/14点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU
    Kindergarten Director Position Available in Shanxi
    Location: Shanxi
    working time: five working days
    vacancy: only one
    start time: Jan of 2019
    basic health and accidental insurance provided
    apartment provided
    work- meal provided
    Bonus and flight ticket allowance provided
    native speaker only
    with working visa or can do one
    experience for EYFS, a must
    BA degree or above
    The salary we offer is 25-30k after tax according to Candidate’s qualification and experience.
    ID:247754| 2018/12/12/10点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU
    urgently !
    non native needed ( Pakistani teachers acceptable) , bachelor degree preferred
    Location: huai ren , shanxi province ( 山西怀仁)primary , high school
    Salary : 9-10k ( negotiable)
    Working hours : 25h/w .
    Housing provided , transportation fee provided ( completion of one -year contract)
    ID:245934| 2018/11/04/17点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU
    Shanxi province. English teacher in needed next month.
    8K ~10K
    next month
    Working 40 hours a week
    Provision of work visas
    Other types of visas are also available
    Working Address: Linfen City, Shanxi Province. Urban centres
    Apartment is free
    Wifi is free
    Good image, blond hair and blue eyes
    or a cheerful personality
    A person who speaks good English can
    No bl@cks
    Who interested send introduction video to wechat
    ID:245478| 2018/10/28/10点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    Beijing , chengdu , fuzhou province school needs Many foreigner teachers Only full time

    1. Native and non Native with good Accent (white) Teachers
    2. Age Group:3-12 years old
    3. Start Date: ASAP
    4. Length of Contract: one year
    5. Working hours: 25 hours +two day rest (one week)
    6. Salary: 14000-20000 CNY/month
    7. TEFL or TESOL
    8. Holidays:Chinese traditional holidays
    9. Accommodation:Free
    10. Flight allowance After Contract
    If you are interested, please send your resume ,visa ,passport ,Bachelors Degree,TEFL/TESOL,send your Introduction video thank you!
    chengdu kai hua
    ID:244995| 2018/10/19/14点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU

    In Shanxi province Taiyuan city 太原 need fulltime English teachers.
    Request: native teacher or non native teacher (accent is good or Europe white)
    Time: from Wednesday to Sunday
    Student age: 2-12
    ID:244766| 2018/10/16/07点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    9000RMB - 12000RMB /month
    Do you enjoy traveling, culture, amazing food, and new experience's Would you like to get paid to travel, eat amazing food, meet wonderful new people and live for FREE?
    We are searching for professionals who are serious and passionate about teaching and living abroad in China! Many top schools in the booming cities of China are seeking positive individuals to teach English and to learn from you

    This once in a lifetime opportunity pays you to travel, eat, and live for FREE while teaching and shaping young minds of tomorrow

    Come experience one of the oldest civilizations as well as ...
    Find Work Abroad HR
    ID:244622| 2018/10/12/10点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    18000RMB - 20000RMB /month
    To Apply visit this link:
    We are looking for:
    I'd full-time Native English speakers with teaching experience.
    owe work a 30-hour week 2 full days off.
    IOU will work in kindergarten, kids aged 3-6 years old.
    IOUr teaching role is helping students refine their oral English skill and basic reading ability.
    We offer you:
    18 K-20 K after tax no apartment or 15 K with apartment and meals
    itchiness working visa
    free TEFL certificate
    itchiness classes, 3 hours a week
    3-4 weeks holiday and you will be pay partly salary.
    insurance covered.
    Location: Shenzhen, Ch...
    Find Work Abroad HR
    ID:244442| 2018/10/08/03点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    15000RMB - 25000RMB /month
    15-25 K Bilingual kindergarten Needed at Kindergarten in Shunyi


    To help children in class create English context and improve their English application ability.

    Working address: Hou Sha Yu, Shunyi District

    Student age: 1.5-6

    Class size: 20-25

    Working Time and Lunch Break: Monday-Friday 8: 30am-5: 30pm, Lunch Break 1 hour. Weekends off

    Salary: 20-25k for native, 15-20 K for non-native.

    Work visa provided: Yes.

    How long is the vacation: 1 month in winter and summer vacation separately, full paid salary.

    Must work with work v...
    Find Work Abroad HR
    ID:244441| 2018/10/08/03点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    12000RMB - 30000RMB /month
    To Apply visit this link:
    Province of employment: Major Easten provinces in China like Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Beijing, Sichuan, Fujian, Anhui, Hainan.
    Salary/I'd 13-30 K RMB/Month
    We serving whole china clients. Candidates have the opportunities to be recommended to employers in South east of China which provides good pay indolence package. Nice environment of teaching and living, More opportunities available to touch in the best part of China.

    The candidate should be native English speaker, and nationality USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZELAND, ...
    Find Work Abroad HR
    ID:243903| 2018/09/25/22点
  • Shanxi Jobs > EDU
    Salary up 17k rmb plus free accommodation,working visa provided
    Location:Shanxi province Taiyuan and Jinzhong city
    School type:Kindergarten
    Requirements:BA degree Tefl and Tesol certificates preferred
    European or native English teachers
    Benefits:Salary up 17k rmb plus free accommodation,working visa provided if teachers are qualified,up 10k rmb bonus after finishing one year contract and 5k rmb flight allowance
    If you are interested in it please send me your cv and introduction video thx
    ID:243836| 2018/09/24/20点
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