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I.A Brief Introduction of the school 学校简介
The No.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University is a top senior high school owned by the state government. The school is located in Wuhan , the capital city of Hubei province, which is in the central part of China.
Every year there are some foreign teachers from America, Canada, Australia working in
the school. The students aged from 16 to 18 are motivated.

II.Vacant positions and jobs岗位空缺及具体工作
5-7 vacant positions for year 2016.9-2017.6 academic year.
To teach senior students oral English, English reading, writing and literature, or to teach some science and art courses such as economic, math, biology in English.

III.Qualifications 招聘条件
1.English native speakers
2.With Bachelor or Master degree
3.Healthy , medical examination qualified
4.Two years or more teaching or relative working experiences
5.Good personalities

IV.Payment 薪资待遇
Above the average level of foreign teachers in Wuhan, or negotiable when sign the contract. Each week 14 classes 8000 yuan RMB per month.overtime pay 100 per hour.Applying working visa .There are ticket subsidies and health insurance.Package accommodation and meal allowance for 500 yuan per month.

V.Documents required 提交材料
1.resume (detailed education and working experiences) or two recommendation letter
3.a copy of the diploma
4.a copy of the information page of the passport
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