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a decent salary
We offer 3.5 hrs/per day, 5 days/per week job opportunities, it is a great opportunity to develop yourself in teaching with a decent salary.
Job description:

(1) Teach Oral English to kids aging from 3-5.
(2) Native English speaker (from UK, America, Canada or Australia only).
(3) Handle Demo classes and teachers' training as required.
(4) Lead & provide high teaching quality classes without the assistance of one Chinese teacher.
(5) Location: Kunming, Yunnan
Job requirements:
(1) Bachelor degree or above.
(2) Excellent oral & writing English.
(3) Excellent interpersonal & communication skill.
(4) Love and patient, enjoy working with kids.
(5) No criminal record or any harmful habits.
If you are interested in this position, please email your CV with photo to us via:
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