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Massive Jobs in Zhejiang 4U!

  • (12/08)  By:A Training center English teacher
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Shaoxing
    A Training center English teacher in Shaoxing Zhejiang province . native speakers or Non Native speakers with good accent is the first .!! ask the one in China first !!!
    Job description:
    Location:Shaoxing Zhejiang province .
    Students’ Age:3-16
    40 hours/week.
    Start ASAP

    1. 12-20k/month
    2. free house !!!
    3. National holiday
    4. 2 days off/week
  • PFM
    PT or FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    No exact salary, sell a ebike, get 100USD.
  • (12/01)  By:Ryan children's English Training School
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Working hours: Two days a week to rest , weekly working hours of 40 hours, including 25 hours of t English teachereaching time and 15 hours of office hours.
    Professor Course: English
    Student age: 3-12 years old
    Class size: small class, no more than 12 people per class
    * Native English speakers from US, Canada;
    * At least one-year’s life experience in China;
    * Teachingqualificationpreferred (E.g.TESOL,TEFL)
    * Enjoy teaching and willing to share their knowledge as well as cultures with students;
    * Excellent communication skills
    * Flexibility about working time
    Foreign teacher qualification: TEFL or TESOL, more than one year of children training experience is best

    Accommodation: accommodation (Yishiyiting 1 Wei hardbound all matches, utilities themselves)
    Vacation: China's national holiday, 7 days paid vacation after one year of work
    Ticket reimbursement: work full year 6K
    Visa / work permit card: experts (cultural category)
    Medical and accident insurance: accident insurance
    Tourism and transportation: a tour once a year
    Teaching assistant: there are 1 assistant teachers in each class
  • (11/27)  By:Hangzhou Shitu Eduaction Technology Company
    PT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Hangzhou Shitu Education Technology Company is located in Hangzhou Economic Development Area, mainly focuses on online education, including online subject training in primary school, middle school and teachers' training.

    Job vacancy: Part-time online English teachers for kids aged 3-12
    Requirements: 1. Native English Speaker 2. Good Skills to communicate with kids.
    Part-time Online English Teacher
  • (05/05)  By:Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Gender: Male or Female (couple are preferred)
    Nationality: Australia, Canada, U.S.A, U.K. New Zealand, etc.
    Mother Language: English
    Education: Bachelor's Degree or higher
    Specialties: Education, History, Language & Literature, Secondary Education, Economics, etc.
    Working Experience: 1---3years
    Workload: no more than 16 class hours per week
    Available date expected: March of 2018
    Time of Contract: One year
    Courses: listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, literature and background in English-speaking countries
    Students' age: 18-23
    Duration of each class: 45mins
  • (11/21)  By:EF Ningbo Kids and Teens School
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Ningbo
    Pssst….over here! Check out EF Ningbo!
    There are lots of schools out there. If you’re looking to teach children in a fun, professional environment in an amazing city, take a minute to consider us here at EF Ningbo.
    So, what makes us unique?
    STABILITY: We’re an established, respected organization---the largest private language school in Ningbo.
    AWESOME COLLEAGUES: We have a team of fun, smart, amazing teachers: 74 of them across our five schools. They stay with us for an average two years, and many joined us as referrals from current staff.
    OUR FAIR CITY: Ningbo is a clean, medium-sized Chinese city with plenty of modern conveniences and a lot of history. It’s also great for travel to nearby cities and sights: Shanghai is two hours away; Hangzhou just over an hour. Bamboo forests surrounding Ningbo are home to world-class temples and historical sites.
    GREAT KIDS & GREAT CLASSES: Our students are fun and full of energy. They are 3-17 years old. They’re placed according to age and ability in classes of no more than 13 students. We offer everything you’d expect in terms of teaching materials, digital resources, and multi-media capable classrooms with interactive whiteboards.
    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: EF Ningbo is growing, and we want our staff to grow with us. We’re the place to be to develop as a teacher, senior teacher, trainer, event coordinator, manager, and more. EF China’s Senior Teacher Development Program is second to none, and here at EF Ningbo, our managers are fully committed to helping staff fulfill their personal and professional goals.
  • (11/19)  By:Training Center
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Wenzhou
    (1)Salary:18-20k salary (with apartment allowance)
    (2)Visa: offer work visa
    (3)Airfare:airfare allowance at the end of contract
    (4)Holiday:weekends and national holiday
    (5)Age of students:3-12 years old

    (1)Nationality:Native speakers non-native speakers with good accent
    (2)Degree:bachelor or above, TEFL or TESOL
    (3)Experience:2 years teaching experience
  • PFM
    (03/07)  By:Flourish International Culture
    PT or FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Native teachers with teaching experience
    Outgoing and easygoing , love kids.
    Bachelor degree, TEFL preferred
    We prefer foreign teachers who can start to work asap.

    Job details:
    About 30 working hours every week.
    8:00-11:00am, 2:30-5:30pm every day.
    Students from 3-6 years old.
    English teaching

    Salary: about 10-12K rmb per month
    Free apartment
    Reimburse the air ticket at the end of contract
    Have 2 days off on Saturday and Sunday.
    How to apply :
    Please reply us with your resume (with mobile number,Skype ID, wechat and email address) / photo / passport / visa / degree/ TESOL or TEFL certificate / reference letter through the site. There are many other jobs too, some English training centers' salary are very high. if you want to know, contact me.
    Contact: Zoe

    phone :18410207631
    Wechat :ranlaoshiqinman
  • (10/10)  By:浙江霍博教育科技有限公司
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    1. Participate in the development of curriculum (inc. curriculum design, courseware design, open class design).
    2. Participate in every step of educational product development, including revising curriculum based on in-class experience, camp experience and students' reaction.
    4. Design and participate in teacher training sessions (inc. foreign teachers and assistant teachers).
    5. Work from Mon. to Fri., free to work at home, but at least attend more than 2 meetings per week.

    Minimum Requirements:
    1. A bachelor’s degree awarded by an accredited university
    2. Teaching experience
    3. English speaker with excellent writing skills and command of grammar and language mechanics
    4. Good communication skills with teenagers and patience

    1. A master’s degree or above in education
    2. two or more years of classroom teaching experience
    3. Experience in the development of curriculum
  • (10/09)  By:浙江霍博教育科技有限公司
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    1. Teach in class and camps based on school operation's arrangement
    2. Set class equipment before class
    3. 16-20 hrs/week

    1.Native English speakers or English speaker without accent
    2. 2-3 teaching experience
    3. A bachelor's degree or above
    4. Open-minded, creative and passionate personality
    5. Be good at communicating with teenagers and passion in education
  • (09/21)  By:浙江霍博教育科技有限公司
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    1. Teach in class and camps based on school operation's arrangement
    2. Set class equipment before class
    3. 16-20 hrs/week

    1.Native English speakers or English speaker without accent
    2. 2-3 teaching experience
    3. A bachelor's degree or above
    4. Open-minded, creative and passionate personality
    5. Be good at communicating with teenagers and passion in education

  • (09/21)  By:余姚哈啰牛津文化教育培训学校
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang
    1. To prepare and teach young kids from 3 to 14 years old. .
    2. To provide Demo classes as required.
    3. To help students improve their English ability.
    4. To provide advice and assistance to students, in and out of the classroom.
    5. To promote and preserve a happy atmosphere to attractive students involved in the training process.
    Job requirement:
    1. Native English speaker
    2. Bachelor’s degree or above
    3. More than 1 year teaching experience
    4. Love teaching, be responsible and patient, be willing to cooperate with colleagues, good teamwork spirit.
    5. Have a sense of humor, and long-term cooperation intention.
    Work city: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
    Job type: Full time
    Salary Range: Negotiable
  • (09/13)  By:Reputable High School
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Reputable High School in Lin´an (a beautiful suburban city close to Hangzhou with great air quality and friendly communities)

    - Teach English to high school students
    - Organize school clubs related to English learning (eg. English corner, drama club, etc.)
    - Plan and conduct lessons based on the provided syllabus and textbooks
    - Not more than 20 teaching hours, work from Monday to Friday, Weekends off

    -Salary and Benefits
    - 13K/month
    - Free housing provide
    - Medical and accidental insurance covered
    - Z visa sponsored
    - Flight allowance upon completion of the contract
    - National holiday an d winter holiday fully paid
  • (08/29)  By:Thomas English School
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Position information and requirements:
    * One year contract
    * 5 working days per week
    * Maximum 25 teaching hours per week plus 15 office hours
    * Class size:6-10 students( Ages:3-12)
    * Pre-made lesson plans and training curriculum
    * Irregular working hours
    * working with an assistant of a Chinese teacher
    Desired Skill and Experience:
    * Loving children and teaching
    * One year or more teaching experience will be preferred
    Required information in application letter
    * Covering letter
    * CV
    *Recent photo
    * Degree certificates
    * Passport ( photo page)
    * Contact information
    Working city: Hangzhou
  • (08/26)  By:金华市锐思教育咨询有限公司
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Jinhua

    The ideal candidate should possess the following:
    - A native speaker from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand is preferred.
    - A bachelor's diploma with a minimum 2 years post diploma work experience is required
    - 2 years' teaching experience and teaching certification (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA)is required
    - Experience with teaching 3 - 12 year olds is preferred
    - Understanding of and interest in Chinese culture
    - Passionate about teaching and dedicated to student outcomes
    - An energetic and enthusiastic disposition
    - English language fluency; neutral accent, clear pronunciation, good intonation and English language rhythm

    - Instructing students ages 3-12-year olds in the English language
    - Utilizing creative, interactive speaking listening activities that engage students
    - Classroom management
    - Developing lesson plans and contributing to existing curriculum
    - Attending meetings, teacher training sessions and seminars
    - Teacher is responsible for developing lesson plans and adapting to students' English abilities
  • (08/25)  By:aomei kindergarten
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Native teachers needed in Hangzhou city

    1. Full time position

    2. Responsibility: kindergarten ESL teacher (oral, listening, phonics, writing, reading, mathematics)
    The lesson plans are provided by the kindergarten.
    3. Salary : probation time (first two months) 12000 rmb; after the probation period salary will depend on the amount of teaching hours per week.

    4. Number of students : 10-18 students per class

    5. Location: 蓝色钱江 (Near Jinjiang Subway station )

    6. Teaching hours : at least 2,5 hour per day

    7. Schedule : Monday to Friday 8:30 am- 5:30 pm

    Basic Requirements(MUST):
    • Native English Speaker
    • Responsible , active and friendly
    • Better to have teaching experience
    • BA degree or above
  • (08/18)  By:宁波市李惠利中学
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Ningbo
    Teaching English as Additional Language in the VCE (Victoria Certificate of Education) program, a Sino-Australian high school curriculum.
  • (08/01)  By:慈溪市环球文化培训学校
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Ningbo
    Job requirements:
    1. Native English speaker, from England, USA, Canada or Australia
    2. Patient enough;Be willing to communicate with students
    3. Easy-going;
    4. Be good at teaching students
    5. Having over 1-year teaching experience on IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, etc.
  • (07/27)  By:浙江霍博教育科技有限公司
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Teacher Responsibilities:
    --Native English speaker is better, others without any accent
    -- location: Hangzhou,Shanghai
    -- Degree: Bechelor is must or above
    --Job type: full time and part time
    16-20 teaching hours per weekends
    During holidays, teaching time depends on camp schedule.
    --Open-minded, creative and passionate personality
    --2-3 years teaching experience
    --Be good at communicating with teenagers and love educational career
    --one year contract (Zvisa)
    --salary: negotiable
    If you are interested in this job ,send your copies of resume,academic certificate, passports , reference letters to
    And feel free to contact with me ,add my wechat:juliawang2006
  • (07/27)  By:Hangzhou International School
    FT | Job Location: Zhejiang Hangzhou
    Job Description:
    1, Work schedule: three days on weekdays : 3pm-8.30pm weekends: 9am- 8pm
    2, The students age :3-12 more 3-7
    3, Each class have 12 students (max)
    4, 45mins each lesson
    Salary:10000-15000(after tax) annual completion bonus 5000-8000
    Apartment: Will help find house and give the rental allowance 2500/month
    1, Prefer native and non native with good accent
    2, Bachelor or above.
    3, Provide the z visa (the school will pay )
    4, 20-45 years old
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