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URGENT!Both native and non-native teachers have a look here.
But no South Eastern Asian (like Filipino...) , no middle eastern Asian( like Pakistanis , Iranian , Turkish...) , no middle Africans( like Ugandan ... ) ,but only accept South African, Moroccan and Egyptian in Africa.
The reason : we can’t make work visa for the countries listed above successfully becoz of policy . We only accept illegal teachers , so pls don’t contact me and send email if you are from those areas, or it’s wasting your time , Sorry for the inconvenience.

SALARY:10000RMB after taxes for non-native and South African
15000RMB after taxes for native

1.Bachelor degree
2.Graduated more than 2 years
3.Good accent
4.Teaching experience is preferred

WORKING LOCATION: Zhenjiang, China

①Provide free accommodation or accommodation allowance.
②Good working atmosphere
③Chinese teaching assistants available during class time

❤Get interested in or wants to know more about the details please Messenger or Wechat me. Or you can just send me your RESUME and SELF-INTRODUCTION VIDEO to my email .
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