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🌱 International Kindergarten


* 6-8*Native Speaker TEACHERS (US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand preferred) or Non Native Speaker Teachers with clear accent, major in English
* BA degree or above *TEFL/TESOL  (1000allowance monthly)
Job description

Full time kindergarten teachers who have one~two years work experience in teaching holding Zvisa or who can apply for Zvisa

Students age: 3-12years old

⏳ Work load: 40working hrs;

from 8:00AM to 12:30AM,
2:30PM-6:00PM Monday to Friday
Weekends will be off

Contract length:1-3 years

Start time in 08. , 2019
Salary and benefit
🧷Perfect attendance 1000 monthly
🧷Provide accommodation
🧷Provide Zvisa
🧷winter vocation with pay
🧷summer vocation without pay (but if wanna get summer classes , teacher will get salary)

🧷 Contact me ASAP
Zhengzhou Zhengzhou | Yana
ID:252785 | 2019/05/11/15点

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