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Native Speakers/accept experienced teachers/PhD (experienced) Number of Teachers Positions(Qingdao) 1 High School Biology and Chemistry Teacher 18-24k 1 High School History Teacher 18-24 2-3 High School Physics Teacher 18-24 1 High School Math Teacher 18-24 1 High School Economic Teacher 18-24 1 High School ELA/ESL Teacher 18-24k 5 primary School English Teacher 15-21k Housing Allowance---3000 Meal Allowance/day ---7 days Holiday Allowance -----2000RMB Air tickets Allowance/year-----5000-10000RMB Positions in other regions 1 - Chengdu - qingbaijiang 22-27        3 Primary School English Teacher 15k-18k;       1 High School Physics/Chemistry       1 TeacherHigh School Math Teacher      1 Primary School English Teacher 2 -guiyang        3 Elementary School ESL Teacher 3- Wuhan     2 Elementary School ESL 12-19k 4 Guangzhou High School       1 high school mathematics, physics teacher 18-24       1 High school name ESL, economic teacher 18-24 5 Chengdu 16-18k+ free House Primary School English Teacher       1 Primary School ESL        1 Middle School ESL 7 Shenzhen 15-17k         1Teacher Primary School Art Teacher        2 Primary School English Teacher 8 shenzhen Nanshan High school ----18-21.5k      1 High School PE Teacher      1 High School Biology and Chemistry Teacher      1 High School History Teacher      1 High School Physics and Chemistry Teacher      1 High School Math Teacher RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Make teaching plan and schedule of school year/each semester based on the school year objectives and requirement; 1.1 Make teaching plan and schedule, including curriculum design, teaching aim, schedule, examination plan, and students activities, etc. Make the plan of teaching and academic, including academic exchanges, teachers’ workshops, class observation, demonstration class, etc. 2. Make plan of school year/ semester curriculum design, including core courses, elective courses and extra-curriculum based on Michigan HS Graduation Requirement; 1.1 teacher 24-26 periods per week; 1.2 maintain communications and contact efficiently and professionally with students, parents and colleagues; participate in professional promotion programs offered by the school; 3. Set up student files management, including all scores (grades, midterm achievement and final term achievement) of all subjects, teachers report etc. and analyse the date and give relevant feedback to students, parents and management team separately 3.1 Analyse students grades and achievements and share the analysis report with all relevant teachers and adjust teaching plan if necessary 4. Organize relevant subject tests and examinations 4.1 Archive and manage student examination paper 4.2 Organize entrance examination, mid, and final exam on relevant subjects, go over and grade all student examination papers 5. Others 5.1 assist the work of enrolment and market; 5.2 Assist to organize parent meetings, school activities, etc. 5.3 complete the work arranged by the leaders QUALIFICATIONS 1/Be familiar with science course Be familiar with teaching aim, content, and requirement of subjects taught 2 Integration of science course and subject knowledge 3 Have the ability of integrationand application of Chinese and overseas English curriculum resources Computer skills to meet the requirement Have the abilities of organization, management, communication, and co ordination 4 Be familiar with curriculum design of different levels 5 Have teaching experience on ESL or relevant subjects Master the integrated teaching method of ESL and other subjects 6 Bachelor degree or above Teaching/Curriculum preferred 7 TEFL、TESO、TESL certificate Relevant qualification required Email: Wechat: 1622654414 Need to provide - 1 cv (educational background; work experience); 2 self-introduction video (please do not send a link); 3 The first page of the passport (hidden necessary information) 4 diplomas; 5 Passport validity 6 If you have a visa, please specify: type; expiration date; is there a work permit card? Description Job position: English teacher / Spanish teacher / physical education teacher / teaching director 7 Describe the planned stay time; 8 Describe the departure time 9 The school will not provide the ticket in advance and needs to be resolved by the teacher himself.
Zhengzhou 郑州大学 | juliet
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