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Depending on Experience
We are looking for a China Recruting/HR Clients Services Manager/assistant for our affiate company HDI Asia Search, which is a professional services firm helping various companies in China find foreign talents. Our requirments: > Developing potential clients in China who need foreign talents - so you should be able to speak good Chinese. > A people person and excellent at networking. > Good command of English. > Excellent skills with internet SNS tools such as WeChat, Facebook, etc. > Extremely passionate about helping people and making the world a better place through connections. > This is the last part but the most important part - extremely attentive to details both in a managerial and anaylitical sense. In other words, if "细心" is not in your blood already, then this job is probablly not suitable for you. 我们的要求: > 热爱英语,热爱和老外打交道,热心帮助老外在中国找工作并适应在中国的生活。 > 擅长销售,市场拓展,能够把网站和服务推荐给更多的中国各地需要外教的教育机构。 > 细心,细心,细心。细心不是我们对你的要求,细心是你自己本来应该具备的精神。 > 热心,热心,热心。热心不是因为马上会带来经济上的必然得益,热心是因为你发自内心热爱你的工作。
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