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    RMB18,000-22,000 payment monthly
    Primary/middle school ESL teacher
    Job details
    Teach English for 6-12, 12-15 years old students.
    Weekend off, work from Monday to Friday.
    Work time:
    Mon.-Thu.: 7:55 am -11:30 am; 1:30 pm -4:00 pm.
    22-24 classes per week.
    RMB18,000-22,000 payment monthly.
    Free independent apartment or RMB2,300 house allowance monthly.
    Offer working permit, basic and hospitalization medical insurance.
    Half paid summer/winter vacation.
    Full paid 11 days Chinese public holidays.
    Provide free lunch.
    Airport pickup.
    ID:256680| 2020/02/16/10点
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    March.of 2020-8.5-10k/m-University in Wuhan-paid holidays for 2 months-2 native ESL teachers needed
    -Location: in Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province.
    -Starting date:Mar. of 2020
    -School type:University(18-20 yrs old)
    -Workload:20 lessons/45 minutes/week and 4 office hours/week,weekends off.
    -Job duty:To teach Oral English Course to freshman by using university
    assigned course, for sophomore students can design the course with
    university approval.
    -Requirements:2 Native ESL teachers(with BA or above&2 yrs’ teaching experience after graduation or 120hour TEFL/TESOL)
    ID:256259| 2020/01/15/10点
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    I'm looking for job
    ID:256211| 2020/01/11/13点
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    I'm looking for job
    ID:256210| 2020/01/11/13点
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    English teacher
    ID:256177| 2020/01/10/11点
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    xxxx job details
    SVI200 Ventures
    ID:255808| 2019/12/03/13点
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    15000-19000 RMB based on the teachers' condition
    International kindergarten in Chengdu
    Job Description:
    1. Making weekly teaching plans and preparing teaching materials. Every Friday afternoon before leave, the teaching plan should be put up on the wall outside the classroom where the teacher teaches; The teaching plans needs to be sent to the wechat group of international department on each Friday.
    2. Giving English lessons to kids during the appointed teaching time .
    3. Supervising kids with local teachers during the half day,and help to make an English learning environment .
    4. Taking turns to write wechat article; The article needs t...
    IB middle school in Guangzhou needs Science t
    ID:255806| 2019/12/03/09点
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    20,000 RMB per month
    Primary and Junior School in Suzhou
    Job Details:
    1. Job Title:Full-time English teacher
    2. Working Hours:8.00 - 17.00
    3. Working Days per week:5 days per week
    4. Teaching time: 20 hours per week
    5. Students’ Age: 6 to 12 years old
    6. Contract length: 1 or 2 years From 15 Aug 2020

    Job requirements:
    1. Native English Speaker, non-native is not acceptable
    2. Arrive time: Aug
    3. Degree: BA or above, related area.
    4. Teaching experience: over 2 years or TEFL
    5. No more than 55 years old

    1. Flight allowance: 10000 RMB year
    2. Free single apartment
    3. Health insurance
    4. H...
    IB middle school in Guangzhou needs Science t
    ID:255789| 2019/11/29/09点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    15,000-18,000 RMB per month
    Native English speakers needed in Suzhou training school
    Location:Suzhou SIP & SND
    Job Details:
    1. Job Title:Full-time English teacher
    2. Teaching Hours per week:20 teaching hours
    3. Office Hours per week:20
    4. Working Days per week:5 days per week
    5. Students’ Age: 2 to 9 years old
    6. Class Size: no more than 8 students
    Job requirements:
    1. Native English Speaker,non-native is not acceptable
    2. Arrive time:ASAP
    3. Degree: BA or above
    4.Teaching experience: over 2 years or TEFL

    1. Salary: 15K to 18K(negotiable based on experience)
    2. Assistance finding and funding housing
    IB middle school in Guangzhou needs Science t
    ID:255755| 2019/11/26/09点
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    16000-24000 rmb per month before tax
    Reputed bilingual kindergarten in Zhoupu, Pudong District, Shanghai needs 1 teacher

    starting time: either ASAP or anytime before Oct.
    job title: kindergarten homeroom teacher
    salary range: 16000-24000 rmb/m before tax,
    7000 rmb/m after tax for housing allowance,
    working hours: 7:45 am to 4:15 pm Mon to Fri,
    up to 10000 rmb for airfare allowance after the contract ends,
    provide work visa and resident permit,
    holiday: both winter and summer vacation will be paid fully,
    class size: less than 20 students in each class,
    each class will have 2 chinese teachers and another daycare worker.

    Key Respo...
    IB middle school in Guangzhou needs Science t
    ID:255693| 2019/11/19/10点
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    15-25k /month before tax
    Location:Wuhan city Hubei province
    Job title:Full-time ESL teacher
    Job requirements:
    1.English fluency and proficiency, English should be your first language;
    2.A passion for teaching;
    3.TEFL/TESOL or other equivalent certification;
    4.Love kids,enthusiastic,caring,most importantly patient with kids;
    5.Must be willing to learn,grow and adapt while being a professional and team player.
    *Salary:15-25k /month before tax
    *3 k of housing allowance
    *Class size:10-12 kids of each class
    *We provide z visa assistance
    *Round-trip tickets back home will be reimbursed up to the value of RMB 100...
    ID:255497| 2019/11/11/09点
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    15,000 to 18,000 RMB per month
    International Kindergarten In Wuhan+Good Assistance+Highly Salary(At Least $2134)
    Main Responsibilities
    -Maximum of 20 teaching hours per week
    -Maximum of 20 admin hours per week
    -Class sizes: 10 to 15 students
    -Student ages: 5 to 12 years old
    -5 working days per week, Monday&Tuesday off
    -Counseling students by providing constructive feedback
    - Evaluate students’ personal growth, maintain appropriate records, and prepare student progress reports
    -Participation in Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)
    -Lesson planning, creating course outlines
    -Deliver classes in a professional and ...
    ID:254662| 2019/08/30/09点
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    13k to 15k RMB monthly
    Private High school in Hubei province (Middle South of China)
    a. ESL teaching for high school students
    b. Location: Macheng City, Hubei province.
    c. Students age: 15-18
    d. Classroom size: Around 40
    e. Mon to Fri teaching, free weekends.
    f. No more than 20 lessons per week. No office hours
    g. 13k to 15k RMB monthly(after tax) depending on the candidates’ qualification and teaching experience
    h. One year contract with 8000rmb contract completion bonus.
    i. 2 months summer holiday and 1 months winter holiday with 5000RMB ea...
    ID:254418| 2019/08/13/15点
  • Hubei Jobs > EDU
    In urgent need of a full time teacher for a training center in Wuhan city. They work 40 hours a week, salary is around 16k, plus accommodation! For native teachers salary can go up to 20k+. They can do online interview, if you are interested please contact!
    ID:253089| 2019/05/21/18点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    10000-18000 RMB
    job description:
    Work in a kindergarten or training center
    Teach 2-12 years old students
    Work hours: 40 hours in a week, less than 25 teaching hours,5 days working 2 days off per week.
    18-45 years old
    Native English speaker or non-native with good accent from European countries.
    Healthy,Patient and love kids. Degree holder,non criminal record
    1.10000 to 18000 RMB per month after tax(depend on your qualification)+free apartment or housing allowance.
    2. Free apartment or 1500 RMB housing allowance.
    3. System teaching training at Guangzhou HQ.
    4. Free airport pick up ...
    Melhome ESL company
    ID:252704| 2019/04/29/17点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    10000-18000 RMB
    Our company is committed to finding the best foreign teachers for children's English institutions and kindergartens. We will provide you with generous remuneration, salary and environment.

    Job description:
    Work in a kindergarten or training center
    Teach 2-12 years old students
    Work hours: 40 hours in a week, less than 25 teaching hours,5 days working 2 days off per week.
    18-45 years old
    Native English speaker or non-native with good accent from European countries.
    Healthy,Patient and love kids. Degree holder,non criminal record
    1.10000 to 18000 RMB per month after...
    Melhome ESL company
    ID:252703| 2019/04/29/17点
  • Hubei Jobs > EDU
    RMB 14,000- 18,000
    Wuhan/International school/Primary Branch: FT ESL teachers wanted
    Vacancy: 2
    Salary: RMB 14K-18K
    Contract length: 1 year
    Starting time: End-Aug, 2019
    Work location: Downtown,Wuhan/Hubei/China
    ★About employer
    Company Type: Public
    Industry Type: Primary school / Education
    ★Position Information
    l Full-time English teachers for students aged 6-12
    l 35 office hours, including 20 classes/week, 40 minutes/class
    l 5 working days 2 days off(weekends)
    l Class size: 25-36
    l Additional information, teaching materials and curriculum provided
    ★Qualifications and Requirements ...
    ID:252677| 2019/04/27/13点
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    12000-15000 for Univeristy ESL Teachers
    Monthly salary:12000-15000RMB
    free apartment provided
    Airfare reimbursement 10000RMB
    Medical insurance provided
    Contract duration:one year
    Work visa processed
    Students age group: adults level
    18classes and 5 working days per week
    Start Date:August,2019

    Required Qualifications:
    bachelor degree holder or above
    Native English speakers only
    Any relevant university teaching experience preferred.
    Responsible for the task arranged by the employer
    Jiaxing Rick Culture Commuication Co.,Ltd
    ID:251522| 2019/03/05/14点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    we need native english teachers,

    Beijing (fangshan)

    provide BECAUTIFUL apartment
    work visa / business visa
    25-40 years old

    ID:251588| 2019/03/07/09点
  • Hubei Jobs > EDU
    Recruitment information

    - General situation of School
    1) Wuhan Business University
    2) Address: N°816 Dongfeng road, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei, China
    3) Brief introduction: Founded with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2013, Wuhan Business University (formerly Wuhan Commercial Service College) is a four-year institution of higher education. It is one of the first batch of pilot institutions of transformation development. The construction and administration is by the Wuhan municipal government and it is under the direct supervision of the Hubei provin...
    FT/PT Possible | Wuhan Jobs | Wuhan Business University
    ID:251988| 2019/03/16/10点
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