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Looking for Chinese Language Partner in Exchange for English
I'm Male,this AD is for Friendships and Exchanges Gender Neutral  

Hello, my name is min (english name James) from korea who grew up in Australia since i was a little child. You could say i am a 1.5 or 2nd generation korean australian. Im currently studying chinese at Tsinghua University for a semester (6 months) already 2 months and im searching for a chinese language partner (preferably local) to help improve my speaking. In exchange i can assist with korean and english speaking if anyone is interested. Since i don't spend much time here and wish to get the most out of my stay here, im looking for serious takers whose willing to help with my chinese speaking and in return i will dedicate myself to helping you improve in english or korean. Im based in Haidain but trave to chaoyang for my extra tutorial session

My Simple Profile

Gender: Male    FromKorea (south)
Currently in Beijing Haidian District Wudaokou