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Return to the Big City
I'm Male,this AD is for Long Term Relationship  

Return to the Big City
Returning to the Big City

I had a little family based sabbatical helping out family in the UK for 7 months; but I have just returned back to Beijing.

What I’m looking for:
Looks: I like a person who takes care of their body and appearance; and yes its important to be attracted to one another; however beauty is not everything. [Trust me after 2 weeks of hell “no amount” of beauty can keep a man around]; most men are not very shallow as you may think; most of us are actually clever.

Job: I pretty much don’t care, as long as you can understand a good conversation.
It’s actually more important that you are available to meet.

Education: Not fussy, once again as long as you have an open mind and can express ideas.
Age: 25-39 [Possible consideration on younger or older]

I believe it is important to give everyone a chance; I would be happy to meet anybody; even if this just leads to friendship and it would be great to make your acquaintance.
So don’t be too shy to reply.

My Simple Profile

Gender: Male    FromUnited Kingdom
Currently in Beijing