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Seeking my forever love
I'm Male,this AD is for Seeking Women  

I would have never imagined I would one day post my profile on a dating site, but here I am, shifting to this new way of connecting with others. Wow! Life is surprising, totally amazing, and I appreciate the reminder. As I've reached the midpoint of my life, I am embarking on a journey of reinvention, and discovery of what matters most in my life: love and connections.

I have traveled to over 70 countries and have endless amazing true stories to tell with pictures to back it all up! I have had an amazing life! Everyone tells me I should write a book about it! I am a guy who can inspire & motivate you or just hang out & laugh with you..... :)

I am a full born Italian. A very outgoing, upbeat and fun person! I love being social.. I fit in comfortably in any situation, on the whole, people are comfortable with me.... My friends usually look to me for sound advice, they can never call me too late, I'm always there to help them!

I can describe myself as a very caring, understanding, loving, charming and intelligent guy, whose heart is burning with desire to find love and share all the beautiful emotions and passionate energy with the love of life.

I enjoy cooking as it's my best hobby being a single dad. I love cooking anything Italian or Mexican food. You'll bite off a finger when you have a taste of my meal..haha..

I'm very bubbly and have great characteristics including having the ability to have an intellectual conversation. I'm proactive and a gentleman by default. I'm open to all and have a willingness to assure discretion, professionalism and most importantly coming across as a life long partner!

Our lives are always changing and we (hopefully) evolve. I've accomplished nearly all that I set out to do earlier in my life and then suddenly found myself starting all over again, with new goals and circumstances. Though frightening at times, I've come to appreciate this time in my life as a creative and exciting process. We’re living art and the stories of our lives are our canvases. Every thought, word, and deed become threads in the tapestries of all we are. I hope I'm creating something beautiful with mine. We’re all works in progress. At this point in my life, I've come to believe that "The Joy is in the Journey" and that there is no ultimate destination; but, like the bumper sticker says, "The Answer is Love".

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Gender: Male    FromItaly
Currently in Beijing Chaoyang District Airport