• Selling my Samson Graphite 49 Midi controller in a reasonable perfectly usable condition. They keys in the picture may look like they're ditry or turned yellow but don't worry its still with protective sheets on them, Cleaning up will make it look perfectly new again! I can send a video through wech...
  • Location: Haidian District Wudaokou
    Selling my Electric Piano keyboard

    Its a casio CTK 101 with full 61 keys and other functions. It comes with an adaptor, a stand and a carry case.
    Its in perfect condition and a great recommended keyboard for a beginner or an intermediate player.
    The good part about my keyboard is that its a...
  • For sale: Douglas bass 6 string.
    100% good condition.
    with softcase gig bag.
    Price: 1,300rmb. pm me for more details.

    Only 3 years old
    German brand, interior scaled by SEILER in Germany, assembly in China

    Like new, very well taken care of, and tuned all 6 months in past 3 years
    Need to sell due to relocation
    Includes stool

    Bought in Beijing, new for RMB 40,000
    Now offering a...
  • Vintage Harmony acoustic archtop guitar
    Made in USA
    Blonde ivory / Faux flame

    Ref. inside the guitar : "S56T made in usa" and "2143H1214".

    1500 RMB
  • After 7 seven years of getting stuff I must to get rid of this things:

    - Epiphone Casino NT. bought it new at a well-known Gulou guitar shop. It comes with a hard case which it was not included in the guitar valued in more than 50 euros. Asking price is 2000 rmb, no bargain.

    - Sigma 000m-1st A...
  • Hello Everyone!
    i'm selling this stagg bass 5 string.
    100% good condition.
    with softcase gig bag.
    price: 950 rmb. pm me for more details.
  • For sale: Warwick rockbass streamer 5 string.
    100% good condition.
    with softcase gig bag.
    Price: 2,000 rmb. pm me for more details.
  • Location: East City Dongcheng District Dongzhimennei and Gui Jie
    I have a set of Korg Volcas for sale, including the Volca Keys, Volca Bass, and Volca Beats.

    They are priced at 830RMB each on taboo Asking 600 each or 1200 for all three.

    If you take the set I'll throw in some cables free.
  • Hello Everybody... im Selling my Necktru 6 string bass.
    100 % Good condition, it's almost new.
    active bass 9v. battery
    Price: 1,300
  • Location: Chaoyang District Sanlitun
    Nice guitar, hardly played.

    Comes with a free carry case and plectrum.
  • Zildjian ZHT Flat Ride 20"
    Fantastic sound, ideal for jazz and NOT rock (my type of playing) so I'm looking to sell

    Paid 1200 for it, I'm willing to let it go for 800

    I barely used it, but perhaps you will love the sound!

    I'm around shilipu/sihui
  • Hello everyone. im selling olp bass Licensed by Ernie ball.
    good condition and good shape.
    Price: 700 rmb
  • Hello Everyone! i'm Selling this original Peavey 5 string bass.
    in very good condition. almost brand new.
    with gig bag & brand new cord.
    price: 1,000 rmb
  • I'm selling an Ibanez in a good condition with an affordable price. These are the Specs:

    neck type GRG Maple neck
    bridge Fixed bridge
    neck pickup IBZ-6 (H) neck pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
    bridge pickup IBZ-6 (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
    factory tuning 1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, 6E
    string gauge...
  • Super good quality YAMAHA electric piano~
    I bought it for 3800,now it's only for 500~
    With the original box,can use both charger and betterrys~
    7.000 RMB. Pick up in Dongzhimen-Sanlitun area
  • new-BOYALE KULELE 24inch
  • Electroacoustic guitar

    -almost new
    -very good sound
    -includes battery, some fender strings and bag.

    Asking for 400 yuan, open to offers
    8.000 RMB. Pick up in Dongzhimen-Sanlitun area
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