• One of the best Drum pedal on the market(you can check reviews). Very durable and stylish.
    99% New, only played on big festivals with my band.

    The reason why I am selling this, its because I have several drum pedals.

    Price: 1100
  • Location: East City Dongcheng District Dongzhimennei and Gui Jie
    ROLAND TD-15K V-TOUR Series
    included: headphones (Roland RH-5), Noise carpert, kick pedal (the official one), seats (Roland as well)
    never use it for a gig, only practice very few times at home
  • Hello! I'm selling my Acoustic Guitar at 500 RMB.
    very nice sound and very light so easy to carry, and easy to practice anywhere.
    If you are interested, text me:)
  • Mirchell ukulele bought at Guitar Center, Los Angeles for 129.99USD

    Very nice sound, sturdy construction, new nylon strings just replaced. Great for people starting out. Don't buy those crappy ones people sell on the streets; they do not hold the tune, the frets are off key, and break very easily...
  • Location: Chaoyang District Sanlitun
    BRAND NEW DRUM KIT, Hayman (UK), black, complete with chrome hardware - everything except stool and cymbals. ¥7,000 boxed.
  • Location: East City Dongcheng District Dongzhimenwai and Sanlitun
    Hi all,

    as I am returning to Germany I have some decoration stuff to sell which you can see on the pictures.
    If you are interested in anything write me a mail with the object you are interested in and what your expected price would be.
  • Location: Chaoyang District Sanlitun
    Only one available, off-white retro 'Phantom' (like the one played by Ian Curtis in Joy Division). Just ¥2500.
  • Location: Chaoyang District Lido/Xiaoyun Lu
    Hello! I'm selling my YAMAHA Arius Digital Piano at 4,500 RMB.
    I bought this piano for 7,200 RMB at Sanlitun 顺电 store this February and used around 6 month.
    I have warranty and After service warranty, if you buy it, you can use after service for one year and I'll give you Music books, Piano cha...
  • Location: Chaoyang District Chaoyang Park
    With more than 12 years wooden percussion instrument toys factory would like to offer high quality and environment-friendly wooden (beech) toys here in retail. Up to now, 90% of our products have been widely used in Europe and USA. The mainly products include xylophone,aluminium metallophone, guiro,...
  • Location: East City Dongcheng District Dongzhimennei and Gui Jie
    Yamaha P-85S Full-Length Electric Piano - Y2200

    Condition: excellent. I bought it new a couple of years ago and unfortunately haven't had as much time as I wanted to play, so it's mainly been sitting unplayed.

    Keyboard: full-length with excellent touch. Coming from a classical piano background...
  • Location: East City Dongcheng District Dongzhimennei and Gui Jie
    Resting all too comfortably in my home is a beautifully crafted Warwick Rock Bass and its 40 watt Fender amplifier. It deserves far more attention than I can afford to give and by rights should go to someone that will actually play it.

    About the Bass:
    -4 string Warwick Rock Bass
    -Cherry Finish ...
  • Location: Haidian District Wudaokou
    For sale!! Used acoustic, bass and electric guitars. Pickup at Tsinghua university.
    If interested please contact.
  • Location: Haidian District Wudaokou
    For sale!! Used acoustic, bass and electric guitars. Pickup at Tsinghua university.
    If interested please contact
  • Hi there!
    I'm giving a 4-strings guitar (not a bass thought) because I'll leave Beijing on the 24th of September and someone gave me this guitar when I arrived so I feel like it is normal to give it too!
    It is a very basic guitar, good state, some stickers on it (not mines, previous owner), the sc...
  • Location: Changping District Lishui Qiao/Tiantongyuan/Huilongguan
    Hey there,
    I'm selling a beautiful and rare acoustic guitar. It was made in Japan 1975. It's a copy of Martin D-28. These guitars are also called lawsuit guitars. It looks very similar as D-28. Sounds really great. You can google it. And this guitar is made of solid spruce top and laminated Brazili...
  • I am leaving Beijing and selling a very little played complete acoustic drumset Ashton TDR322 and Sound Off set of rubber silencing/muting pads for practising. Black color, 1.400 RMB. If you are interested please contact me immediately as I am packing by AUG10.
  • 9 month old LAG semi-acoustic guitar for sale.

    Kept in really good condition. It was strung with brand new Elixer strings last week.

    The action has been lowered so it plays really nice. It has a lovely rich sound through an PA or just acoustic.

    Comes with the capo and soft case in the pictu...
  • Hello,I have my acoustic guitar,I want sale out,the full price is 600rmb,now I sale out 300rmb.and the electric guitar sale 700rmb now,the original price 1500rmb,if you want it,please message me
  • Location: East City Dongcheng District Dongsishitiao
    'm selling my great sounding Sigma acoustic guitar.

    Sigma is the cheaper version of Martin. This guitar has a very natural woody sound.

    It also has a pick up, so you can play it through an amp. Guitar bag included.

    Asking: 1700 RMB.
  • Location: Haidian District Wudaokou
    Used acoustic guitar with 6 strings, in great condition.

    Price: 250 RMB

    For more information or pictures contact me
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