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  • 12000 -13000 per month  Primary school and kindergarten full time job in Nanhai district Foshan city
    Location:15 minutes bus from Huadiwan metro station line 1 GZ city
    When to start :ASAP
    Schedule:Monday to Friday 8:00-5:00 from 8:00-11:45 work in the primary school 4 classes per morning. 2:30-5:00 work in the kindergarten
    Salary:12000 -13000 per month
    Ages:3-12 years old
    Requirements:Good accent teacher with primary school and kindergarten teaching experience
    ID:243786| 2018/09/22/18点
  • 7-9k; 12-15k ( post tax)  Expat Job in Tangshan
    Native or non native teachers needed in kindergartens and training schools in Tangshan cities

    The teachers had better work at least for a year , qualified for working visa ;

    Working hours : 30-40h/ w

    Salary: 7-9k; 12-15k ( post tax);

    Housing and meals provided ; assist to get working visa .
    ID:243785| 2018/09/22/17点
  • 150-250/hour  Beijing offer
    Part-time teachers wanted  in  Beijing
    We are an English training school, with many branches, Near Subway Line 9 Baiduizi Station and Line 6 Baishiqiao Station.
    • Student age: 3-12 year-old 
    • Class type: one on one class /group class 8students at most of each class
    • Teaching provided: published books, detailed lesson plans, colorful activity materials, etc.                       
     Salary :150-250/hour                              
     if you are interested in this position, please do not hesitate to contact us via
    ID:243784| 2018/09/22/17点
  • Salary depends on qualifications  Looking for a European or Native teacher , I'm a direct employer.

    -Work visa provided for free
    -Accommodation provided (single apartment)
    -Working hours 40 in total with 2 consecutive days off
    -commercial insurance provided
    Salary depends on qualifications , please refer to me for further information.we are based in Anshan city , liaoning prov near shenyang.
    ID:243783| 2018/09/22/16点
  • 18K~25KRMB AFTER TAX  
    Teaching in China’s Tropical paradise Sanya taking a
    vacation while making money (VISA + flight + housing + insurance + 4 months paid holidays +
    daily assistant) don’t miss the great opportunity
    Sanya, Hainan
    If you’re looking for the best
    destination for vacationing and employment, the paradise Sanya is definitely the best

    Compensation package:
    18K to 25K after tax
    Provide free nice single well furnished apartment with free internet
    5000rmb for airfare a...
    ID:243782| 2018/09/22/10点
  • 18k+after-tax  English Traing School is in Need of a Native Teacher ASAP!
    Requirement: Teacher visa qualified applicant (BA or above)
    Job type: Full-time
    Working hours: 30 hours per week, 2 days off(Mon.&Tue.)
    Location:(near Hongqiao)
    Salary: 18k+after-tax
    Please send me your CV/video/BA/non-criminal check/TEFL/passport to email
    ID:243781| 2018/09/22/09点
    Native English teacher from America or Europe wanted.
    General duties: teach English for kids aged from 3 to 6.
    Working location: Wen Ling Zhe Jiang
    Working time: from Monday to Friday
    Salary: salary negotiable in person (weekends with extra shared revenue)
    Qualification: compliance with Chinese law, good health, no criminal record.
                 Education: above regular college course, holding language teaching qualification certificates
                 Working experience: above two years
    Accommodation and lunch provided
    Helping with VISA and working perm...
    ID:243780| 2018/09/22/09点
  • 10k-20k/month  Fulltime native and non-native English teacher needed urgently in Hangzhou Xiaoshan,
    Foshan. Nanhai
    Working hours: Wednesday~Friday: 2pm~9pm, Saturday & Sunday: 8.30am~12am, 1.30pm~6.30pm
    less than 40 working hours. No more than 20hours teaching. 40mins/class.
    Classes on Saturday & Sunday, Wednesday evening & Thursday evening. The other time is office hours.
    Free apartment provided.
    Salary. 10k-20k/month
    European with no accent is a must. or a native speaker
    For more info contact wechat
    ID:243779| 2018/09/22/09点
  • 20000-23000  Shenzhen Nanshan district, training center
    - Need a native English speaker;
    - Students Age: 3-12 y.o.
    - Salary: 20000-23000;
    - Class size: 8-10 students in one class;
    - Class length: 45 minutes per lesson;
    - Working Hours: 40 hours (Wednesday - Sunday), no more than 15 teaching hours in a week;
    - Work schedule: Weekday (Wednesday-Friday 1:00pm-9:00pm) Weekends (9:00am-6:00pm)
    - These are the basics but everything is negotiable based on experience and educational background.
    Contact me if you're interested.
    ID:243776| 2018/09/22/09点
  • 6500-7000RMB per month  line 10/14: shi li he station, 9:30-11:30 am, Monday to Friday,baby center,1-3 years old. 6500-7000RMB per month. Prefer female teacher.
    PT |
    ID:243775| 2018/09/22/08点
  • 6500-7000RMB per month  BEIJING part time job:
    line 6: hai dian wu lu ju station, 9:00-11:00 am. Monday to Friday, Kindergarten, 3-6 years old. 6500-7000RMB per month.
    ID:243774| 2018/09/22/08点
  • 6500-7000RMB per month  line 10/14: shi li he station, 9:30-11:30 am, Monday to Friday,baby center,1-3 years old. 6500-7000RMB per month. Prefer female teacher.
    PT |
    ID:243773| 2018/09/22/08点
  • 6500-7000RMB per month  BEIJING part time job:
    line 6: hai dian wu lu ju station, 9:00-11:00 am. Monday to Friday, Kindergarten, 3-6 years old. 6500-7000RMB per month.
    ID:243772| 2018/09/22/08点
  • 10k to 16k  Shuangqiao, shunyi, daxing, training center needs 4 ESL english teachers. work shedule is wed to fri 1:30pm to 8:30pm . sat to sun 9am to 7pm. salary is 10k to 16k. and, accommodation and work visa provided. add wechat if u r interested
    ID:243771| 2018/09/22/08点
  • 8-10k after tax  Tongkuang public primary schools need native English teacher or qualified non native teachers~
    City:Shangrao city
    Position Title:Oral English teacher
    Age Group:6-12 years old 
    Start Date:Asap
    End Date:30th June 2019
    Days Worked:Monday to Friday
    Teaching Hours Worked per week:Less than 25 teaching classes,45 minutes per class
    Average Class Size:50 students
    Salary:8-10k after tax
    Holidays:Chinese traditional holidays
    Accommodation:Free private accommodation with utilities
    Meals:Free meals from Monday to Friday
    Visa:Z visa
    Other western teachers:Yes

    Teacher Require...
    Shangrao Jobs | Tongkuang public primary schools
    ID:243748| 2018/09/21/18点
  • 15k-20k  Full time teacher wanted!long term.

    Add:Longgang district, Shenzhen

    Teaching hours : about 15 teaching hours per week
    Whom:3-12 years students

    Require: native speakers , If you are interested , please add my wechat. Thank you.
    ID:243770| 2018/09/21/17点
  • 9000-15000  Salary: 9000 CNY(RMB) to 15000 CNY(RMB) Monthly
    Housing: Please contact us for details
    Contract type: full time
    Work visa provided: No
    Teaching Students age: Array
    Work Location: Changsha
    Working hours: Please contact us for details

    - Teaching experience
    - Passport holders
    ID:243749| 2018/09/21/17点
  • 20000 net salary  English teacher wanted in kindergarten
    School address: Dalian city, Liaoning province
    Monthly salary: ~20000 net salary
    Work visa provided
    Apartment negotiable
    Teaching experience
    European & native speaker preferred
    Dalian Jobs | Capital Normal University high school
    ID:243752| 2018/09/21/17点
  • Monthly salary: 22000-25000 net salary  English teacher wanted
    School information
    School name: Capital Normal University high school
    School address: Haidian district, Beijing city
    Salary & Benefits
    Monthly salary: 22000-25000 net salary
    Work visa provided
    Apartment negotiable
    Native English-speaking nations
    Education degree: Bachelor
    Haidian District Jobs | Capital Normal University high school
    ID:243751| 2018/09/21/17点
  • 8000 -- 20000rmb (acceptable range)  The Qingdao international early education center

    Monthly salary: 8000 -- 20000rmb (acceptable range)

    Holiday: the legal holiday that basis country sets rests

    Working hours: five days a week; Work no more than 40 hours a week

    Student age :0 to 6 years old

    Qualification requirements:

    Good pronunciation without accent, music or drama, performance professional stage play or relevant experience, with good music skills

    2. Can sing, good appearance and cheerful personality

    Love kids and play interactive games with them

    4. Teaching courses include sports, music, art, kitche...
    ID:243747| 2018/09/21/17点
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