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    Buy Potassium Cyanide ( KCN ) pills, powder and liquid for a quick and painless death (euthanasia)

    contact for more details.

    Skype: live:.cid.b1b73c74821acc1c

    FT/PT Possible | Chaoyang District Jobs | Buy Potassium Cyanide ( KCN ) pills, powd
    ID:278311| 2023/08/13/19点
  • China Jobs > ENT

    We Provide Action Scenes Solutions for films and tv audiovisual projects.
    FT/PT Possible | Action Unit Solutions - DOP & Stunts
    ID:278073| 2023/06/22/13点
  • 15k-25k
    Hiring TikTok Live streamers 15k-30k plus commissions
    Work details:
    Be a host, selling women bags, purses, jewelry, and Muslim clothes on TikTok live stream.
    Working hours:
    Curently, we have 2 Channels, one is In Southeast Asia TikTok live, the working hours are from 1 PM to 9 PM.
    Another is in the UK, the working hours are from 9 PM to 5 am.
    It's the normal 8 hours, but it doesn't need to be live for 8 hours. We usually arrange to live for about 4 -5 hours a day, and the rest of the time is just for normal office hours.
    Famale. No race or nationalities limitations, as long...
    FT/PT Possible | Shenzhen Jobs | Cecilia Li
    ID:275785| 2022/08/01/22点
  • 200-500 per hour
    Looking for Tiktok live streamers - 500 per hour
    FT/PT Possible | Shenzhen Jobs | Cecilia Li
    ID:275765| 2022/07/30/22点
  • Hainan Jobs > ENT
    1000RMB TO 5000/day
    FT/PT Possible | Haikou Jobs | Sohail Ahmed
    ID:275303| 2022/06/12/10点

  • Russian singer with long blond hair and bright eyes. I sing in English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. All new hits.
    FT/PT Possible | Ekaterina
    ID:274193| 2022/01/29/02点
  • Yunan Jobs > ENT
    David's Harp"Choir-Choir Class Instructor
    HG Academy
    Currently in Search of
    "David's Harp"Choir-Choir Class Instructor
    Urgentlyin search of an experienced singer that can instruct local Yunnan children
    how to sing-Classical Opera prefermed.
    Our school is located close to the beautiful Green Lake & Yunnan University
    Passionate about helping Chinese kids lean& sing multi-lingual songs, including in English,Chinese, Italian, etc.
    -Career experience in the music industry,ideally in westem countries where classical opera is commonly enjoyed
    Bachelor's,Master's,or higher degre...
    ID:273337| 2021/11/09/15点
  • Beijing Jobs > ENT
    We sale Caluanie Muelear Oxidize for sale. Product: Caluanie Muelear Oxidize ( Crude Caluanie 99% is generated from Muelear oxidize) Caluanie (Oxidative Partarization Thermostat, Heavy Water): The price for the canister ( 1pc ) -5 L.This product is used for crushing and processing precious metals and semiprecious stones. It is used for processing precious and semiprecious stones, crushing metals in the chemical industry.
    This facilitates to break nails with bare hands after a 10-20 second dive.
    Heavy water changes the properties of the metal, making it brittle. But at the moment of evaporation...
    FT/PT Possible | Chaoyang District Jobs | caluanie muelear oxidize manufacturer usa
    ID:271033| 2021/04/20/08点
  • Beijing Jobs > ENT

    Models Needed Urgently

    Please email photos (headshot and body shot), availability and a short paragraph telling us about yourself to with the subject line MODEL INQUIRY. *Due to the high number of applicants, we are unable to reply to every email.

    Model - Part Time (5 - 10 Hours/Week) Amateur and professional can apply.
The applicant must be available for photoshoots that take place in Beijing.
    Must be at least 18 years old. Must have some availability weekdays. Must be able to show up to shoots on time. Modeling experience is not necessary.
    ID:258656| 2020/04/27/04点
  • Guangxi Jobs > ENT

    I am a student in hechi university . So i need part time job . I want to attend my classes and also make money
    PT | Hechi Jobs | Wahid ayan
    ID:255854| 2019/12/08/01点
  • 200-500yuan per day
    Looking for foreigners both actors and actresses to do movie shooting in Shandong province. Pay range is between 200-500 per day and a photo is required to apply.. please send your photo and phone number by WeChat 18554509584
    PT | Weihai Jobs | SensVenturesIncubation
    ID:252182| 2019/03/23/21点
  • 1000/ day
    Shanghai work:
    Need a foreign male model
    Work date: 10.16-18
    Address: national convention and exhibition center
    Salary: 1000/ day
    Working hours: 9:00-17:00(lunch and rest time will be arranged)
    The model must obey the arrangement, or we will not accept the salary.
    PT |
    ID:243983| 2018/09/27/08点
  • salary 800 yuan
    On the afternoon of September 30th, Hangzhou filmed a propaganda film, which required a foreign student, aged 14-20, a girl, half-day work, salary 800 yuan, to sign up for Weixin
    ID:243787| 2018/09/22/21点
  • 1000rm
    Looking for 16 female models . October 14th in Shanghai . Product show . Cat walk on stage.
    More 174cm. 1000rmb . Send me model card and videos . Or add wechat Thx
    PT |
    ID:243681| 2018/09/19/15点

  • 6 non-Asian DJ wanted in Shanghai:
    You will be wanted for an event from 4pm to 11pm on 4th October in Shanghai. You should be well-experienced and fashionable. Professional that based in shanghai or nearby regions only please, we don’t pay for transportation nor accommodation.
    Please inquire with portfolio + video +expected pay rate ,
    WeChat : 18001873250
    Thank you.
    ID:243487| 2018/09/12/18点

  • For the upcoming Movie Shooting in Shenyang will need some American guys(as Extras)who served in US Military to play Soldiers. Shooting will start around 25th of September, will last least 1 month, no acting experience necessary;prefer to speak some Chinese for communication with the filming crew; can be from anywhere in China, paid monthly; most of people will have some English lines. For Beijing local people nearest casting on this Saturday(15th of September) For other city’s apply by self-Introduction video in which they must say what they did in the military, what’s the soldiers title(ra...
    ID:243461| 2018/09/12/11点
  • Beijing Jobs > ENT
    3000 yuan
    Beijing advertisement shooting needs a foreign child model, girl, shooting 6 hours, salary 3000 yuan, sign up for Wechat: vip807513205
    ID:243368| 2018/09/09/21点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > ENT
    1500/3 h
    Nan jing job : On Monday (10th) video shooting (playing as a researcher), need a white male actor (30-45 years old), the cost is 1500/3 h ( OT:500/H ), please contact me if you are interested.thanks
    ID:243334| 2018/09/09/13点
  • Beijing Jobs > ENT

    In Beijing job: Dear, we have a commercial shooting,25th September, need an Indian or Pakistan man, can you give me your model card and intro video( better say indian or Pakistan language, or your country language), wechat:461520711
    ID:243289| 2018/09/08/11点

  • My name Vladi. I'm #photographer #videographer.YOU can help me?I'm shooting a video -you can look at my - Webcam. payment PayPal..
    PT | Zhabei Jobs |
    ID:241013| 2018/05/22/01点
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