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  • negotiate
    1)zhongshan:May1-4,need 2 female models,9am to 5pm,car show,send me model card

    2)zhongshan,next month Need a bubble show,send me videos ,please
    ID:252618| 2019/04/21/20点
  • Hebei Jobs > EDU
    28000 Rmb to 38000 RMB a month
    we need native English speaker female in beijing international school.
    salary range 28000 Rmb to 38000 RMB a month.
    relocation allowance 5000.
    free hotel stay upon arrival.
    free health insurance.
    native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK.
    start ASAP.
    contact for further details.
    ID:252617| 2019/04/21/20点
  • 19-21k
    Native or Non-native teachers needed in shanghai

    shanghai line 16 east zhoupu road training center
    needs an experienced and perfect accent female teacher with work visa or qualified for work visa
    working schedule
    two days off during the weekdays
    working time 2.30-7:30pm
    weekend 8:30-6pm
    salary 19-21k
    1week paid annual leave +5sick day leave
    paid for extra teaching hrs
    more benifits can be discussed during the interview
    start date: as soon as possible
    ID:252616| 2019/04/21/20点
  • 200-400per hour
    Looking for a full time native or nonative foreign teacher for a training center in Buji,Shenzhen. Working five days a week,off Monday and Tuesday,around 15k.
    Plus a part time job in Longhua,Shenzhen. Working Monday to Friday 9:00-10:00,10:00-11:00,200-250/h for nonnative,300-400/h for native. Teaching 1-3ys kids. If you are interested please contact me.
    ID:252615| 2019/04/21/20点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Beijing Kindergarten in native or nonative Jiukeshu, Batong line, Tongzhou Disitrct need foreign English teachers
    1.Salary is around 15-20k depending on teacher’s experience or more
    2.Each week is 20-25 teaching hours and 15 office working hours from Monday to Friday,2 days off on weekends. 3 meals provided everyday.
    3.Kid’s age from 3-10 y.o
    4.Class size: 8-15 kids
    5. working visa provided if you qualified
    1.      Standard Accent
    2.      Having teaching experience
    ID:252614| 2019/04/21/12点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    16-25k after tax
    Beijing Training Center native or nonative in Linheli, Batong Line, needs foreign English teacher in
    1.Salary is around 16-25k after tax depending on teacher’s experience or more
    2. Working hours from Wed to Friday 1- 8 pm,10am – 6pm on weekends. 2 days off on weekdays.
    3.Kid’s age from 3-6 y.o
    4.Class size: 8-15 kids
    5. Starting Time : asap
    1. Fluent English without accent.
    2.Active and energetic.
    3. Be friendly, courteous, professional, and engaging as a teacher
    ID:252613| 2019/04/21/12点
  • Hubei Jobs > EDU
    12K RMB per month
    12K RMB per month
    FULL time teacher NEEDED.
    native or nonative
    We are located in Wujiagang District Yichang City, Hubei Province

    2 days' rest every week, Work from Wednesday to Sunday. 13 days paid vacation for summer holiday, 12 days paid vacation for winter holiday and other government holidays

    Student age: 3-12 years old

    What to teach: Oral English. Teaching material : Sesame Street English book

    Payment: 12K RMB per month
    To apply pls send us your video
    ID:252610| 2019/04/20/14点
  • Jiangxi Jobs > EDU
    Kindergarten native or nonative teacher needed in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province .Mon-Fri:7:50am-17:30pm(including 2 hours lunch break each working day)
    Sat-Sun: two days off.
    *Salary is negotiable.
     official holiday,2days for Christmas(paid holiday). two weeks for each winter vacation and summer vacation, this holiday arrangement depends on our nursery’s arrangement (unpaid holiday). Contact me if you're interested.
    ID:252608| 2019/04/20/14点
  • Anhui Jobs > EDU
    15-20 K
    FUYANG , Anhui province
    Training center is looking for a NATIVE Speaker English teacher .
    Tuesday and Wednesday -days off . Not more than 22 teaching hours ( and very few office hours )
    Salary 15-20 K
    🚩WINTER HOLIDAYS -15 DAYS off paid
    And Summer holidays 15 days off paid
    (Unlike in other training centers where there are only around 10 paid days off per year )
    Pm your CV and Introduction video to us
    ID:252607| 2019/04/20/14点
  • negotiate
    Position: English Teacher
    School Type:Training Center
    1.Native Speakers ONLY
    2. Bachelor degree or above
    3. at least 1year kindergarten experience
    On Board Time:ASAP
    Please send your CV and video to my wechat or mailbox
    ID:252605| 2019/04/20/14点
  • Sichuan Jobs > EDU
    12- 15 K RMB per month
    FULL time teacher NEEDED.
    native or nonative
    We are located in Jinniu District Qingyang District. Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

    2 days' rest every week, Work from Wednesday to Sunday. 13 days paid vacation for summer holiday, 12 days paid vacation for winter holiday and other government holidays

    Student age: 4-10 years old

    What to teach: Oral English. Teaching material : Longman series book

    Payment: 12- 15 K RMB per month
    To apply pls send us your video
    ID:252604| 2019/04/20/13点
  • high salary
    New home teaching position

    Need a native male teacher for a home teaching job in shanghai
    age of the boy: three years old
    Working schedule:

    can choose three days from Monday to Friday to have a one hour class : 7pm to 8pm

    saturday,and sunday: from 9AM to 6PM

    Help the child to improve his writing,reading,listening,and speaking skills
    Teach him a useful English vocabulary
    Able to write different teaching plans
    Have a funny lesson
    Play with kid outside the home on weekends(park,zoo etc 。。。),can teach him at home too

    better if you have sports (f...
    ID:252603| 2019/04/20/13点
  • 20000RMB/M for Chemistry/Physics/Economics Teachers Wanted
    Monthly salary:20000RMB
    Free apartment provided
    Airfare reimbursement 10000RMB
    Medical insurance provided
    Contract duration:one year
    Work visa processed
    Students age group: high school level
    15classes and 5 working days per week
    Start Date:August,2019

    Required Qualifications:
    bachelor degree holder or above
    Native or European teachers preferred
    Any relevant Chemistry/Economics/Physics teaching experience preferred.
    Responsible for the task arranged by the employer
    Jining Jobs | Jiaxing Rick Culture Commuication Co.,Ltd
    ID:251411| 2019/03/02/21点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    10k to 20k
    European or native English teacher (female)is needed in a Beijing training center

    location : tongzhou district
    Salary :10k to 20k depending on nationality ,and abilities
    accomodation provided
    Z visa provided
    Few office hours
    very good accent if non native
    provide working visa
    at least one year of teaching experience in China
    good teachers with business visa can be accepted
    start ASAP

    For more details,or application please contact me
    ID:252601| 2019/04/20/09点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Job requirements:
    1. mother tongue in English. International school work experience is preferred.
    2.More than 2 years teaching experience, with online class teaching skills preferred.
    3. education related certificate (undergraduate, TESOL, TEFL, TKT)
    4. love the education industry.
    Job description:
    1. prepare lessons collectively, and teach online classes to 6-12 year olds.
    2. participate in training / teaching and research work
    3. participate in activities or projects organized by the company.
    Chaoyang District Jobs | Wuhan Business University
    ID:252082| 2019/03/21/09点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    13k to 15k
    European teachers are needed in Beijing training center (prefer Russian,or Ukrainian)
    location: ChaoYang area, Da Wang Lu Station
    salary : 13k to 15k
    Accomodation or housing allowance provided
    Z visa provided
    working days :Monday to Friday
    Working hours : 9AM to 6PM with two hours lunch break
    Start ASAP
    Very good accent
    Teaching experience of at least one year
    Needs to be already in Beijing for a face to face interview

    For more details or application,please contact me
    ID:252600| 2019/04/20/09点
  • negotiate
    Need a part time French teacher in Hangzhou (to teach French)
    Location: Binjiang district
    Schedule: Can decide depending on the kids',and teachers' free time
    Payment: can negotiate after demo

    Bachelor degree
    teaching experience of at least one year
    holding a passport of a French speaking country
    not less than 22 years old

    For more details,or application you can contact me
    ID:252599| 2019/04/20/09点
  • 12-20K after tax
    yuqiao road line 11
    Non native speaker with good accent
    Male English teacher
    Training school
    Salary 12-20K after tax
    Monday-Friday 13.30-20.30
    Saturday-Sunday 9.00-18.30
    2 days off
    studens age : 3-12
    Visa:can accept M visa,also can apply work visa for teachers
    Please send me your introduce video and cv
    ID:252598| 2019/04/20/09点
  • Hainan Jobs > EDU
    native or nonative
    Training center in Sanya Hainan province is looking for a full time teacher.
    5 weekdays 14.30-21.00
    Weekend 8.30-21.00
    Teaching hours 3.5 every day
    Weekly working hours 38
    No days off on the weekend
    Age 3-12 years old
    Class size 8-12 students
    4 days paid holiday after 11 months working
    Air ticket after 12 months working
    Salary 15-21.000
    Native/non native WHITE female teacher
    Bachelor degree
    Pakistan is not accepted
    ID:252597| 2019/04/20/09点
  • negotiate
    native or nonative
    Attractive job in bilingual day care center, Tangzhen line 2, Pudong Shanghai!!!

    -A happy home for 2-3.5yr old
    - close to subway station
    -Full time 8:30-16:30
    -Mon~Friday work, Weekend off

    -Female preferred
    - clear accent, nice personality
    -Early childhood experience is a plus
    -Salary negotiable according to experience and qualification

    Private message me if interested!!
    Carol Yuan
    ID:252594| 2019/04/19/13点
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