英文网站客服/英文人才猎头经理 (Weihai.威海)



Growth Hacker 英文互联网产品增长经理 (地区不限)



We are looking for a Growth Hacker! - A Growth Team Manager and/or Growth Team Assistant/Intern -- depending on experience -- whose main responsibility is analyize smart ways based on website traffic data to grow the platform.. in the meanwhile providing various help to the users of our website such as finding jobs, housing, promoting events, etc, and creatively attract more users to enjoy the various features and sections of 4oks. If you love marketing and are very creative with ways to expand user base and web traffic of a very useful jobs and classifieds portal operated by a fast growing global internet company like ours, then you should try this job and email us your resume. (If you are exceptionally talented in the area of SEO, SEM and various growth hacker strategies, then you can even work from home)


English Teacher 热爱英语,懂中文的英语老师 (地区不限)

We are looking for an English teacher the old fashioned way - someone who genuinely loves the English language. Therefore you don't have to be a "native speaker" but your English ability should be the native or near-native level and you think of yourself as an English learner for life. If you are Chinese and have confidence in your English you are also welcome to apply as long as you love learning English and you make no mistakes in the DSI learning cards (, while truly appreciating the concept of 学无止境. In any case you can join us as an online English teacher to help Chinese students learn English online no matter where you are. Please send your resume to or add WeChat ID: okokokok247


Part-time Journalist 英文访谈记者/编辑 (Beijing.北京)

As a PT Journalist you will be essentially running your own online magazine! Each week you will choose an interesting person within China's English-speaking community and you will organize and conduct a personal interview with him/her. You will write about the interviewee and publish your article with our help. You will be paid on a per-interview basis after the publication while maintaining the copyrights to yourself. This opportunity is perfect for those who are pursuing a career in journalism and wanting to establish more experience or credentials. And we will help you by providing a venue for the realization of your talents, insights, and creativity.


You need to either have some formal training in journalism or have experience or passion for the job. Your oral English should be good enough for conducting a conversational interview with a native English speaker. If you can demostrate exceptional ability and passion in journalism, then your written English does not need to be perfect, in which case your writing will be subject to final proof-reading and corrections by our editor. (So if English is your second language this may also be a good opportunity for you to improve and refine your English.)


Senior CRM 高级客户经理 (Beijing.北京)

As a Senior Manager you will essentially have your own business and be your own boss. Your job is to build a network of relationships -- mainly various business owners who'd like to advertise on 4oks. You will not be paid a fixed salary, but will be entitled to an extremely high percentage of the advertising sales revenue. You will have the freedom to work from home and make your own working schedule. You will also receive support from 4oks headquarters in terms of promotional resources and technical support. Because there is no fixed salary, the upside potential of this opportunity (where you will become almost like an owner of an internet business) is tremendous.


You need to be a "people person" possessing an outgoing personality with some experience in sales or account management (preferred but not a must). You should have the mentality of a businessperson, with a passion for owning your own business and some management skills such as financial planning, cost control and people management.


Junior CRM 客户经理 (Beijing.北京)

As a Junior Manager you will report to the Senior manager and assist the Senior Manager with various miscellaneous day-to-day duties. You will be receive a fixed salary with a small percentage of the advertising sales revenue which you help to generate. Your working hours and working location will all be determined by the Senior Manager.


You need to be either be a "people person" possessing an outgoing personality with some experience in sales or account management (preferred but not a must), or you should have very good management and organizational skills with an eye for details. You must be willing to learn all aspects of an internet business and hopefully be willing to one day become a Senior Manager yourself.


How to apply:

If you are interested in any of the positions above, please prepare a resume of yours.

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