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Tugce Hisirci
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Tugce Hisirci
Eltes Gold Residence D:205 Cekmekoy, Istanbul / TURKEY
+90 507 9289682
Skype name: tuuce.hisirci

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am applying for an English teacher position in your school. I graduated from Business Administration/Management Department of Ege University, located in Izmir, Turkey. During my university life, due to my high academical achievements, I studied at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands as an exchange student. Before university, I studied 4 years at American Colleagiate Institute, a private American high school, located in Izmir.
Since 2010, I have been working for various multinational companies, such as, PwC, Sony Europe, BNP Paribas Cardif and Sanofi Pharmacuticals. I’ve started my professional life as a income & social tax advisor for expatriates and worked my way through and into HR department, where I work as compensation & benefits specialist.
The motto of my high school was: Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve and following this motto, I volunteered during my high school years. My longest volunteer experience was with “Sister School”, where we taught English to elemantry school students once a week after school. I was part of the Sister School student organisation for 4 years and each year, I kept learning how to communicate with young students, how to answer their questions and explain the subject to them in a level that they could understand.
Since 2010, I have been working mostly as a HR person but after 8 years, I am looking forward for something more purposeful and challenging. I lived in the Netherlands for a year and in the USA for 3 months, therefore, I am very willing to travel into new cultures to learn from them and in return, share my own experiences. My boyfriend, who is a native English speaker and a teacher, is relocating to China, Yantai and he inspired me to have a more meaningful life too. Volunteering to teach English has been longing of mine for a long time and I am more than excited to relocate to China to teach English and learn in return.
I have a TOEFL score of 108 (out of 120), therefore, I am very confident in my English knowledge and I am willing to teach English to younger children in a practical and creative way as I did and enjoyed in high school.
Thank you for considering me & I am looking forward to hearing from you soon,
With my best regards,
Tugce Hisirci
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