Name 姓名:
Sex 性别:
Age 年龄:
I think I'm from 来自:
Russian Federation
My Current Area
China Hubei Wuhan
My Current Specific Spot (Street/Building Name)
South central university for nationalities
Desired Job Categories
EDU - Private Institutes and kindergartens 学龄前/幼儿园
Preferred Job Location
My Strong Points
Love kids
Profile & Introduction
Hello👋 ! My name is David. My Chinese name is 都德. I’m 24 years old. I’m from Russia🇷🇺.At the moment I’m in China of Wuhan. I’m a student 👨🎓 . Studying at South Central University for Nationalities🏢.I came to Wuhan in 2016 years.Before that I studied two years Chinese language in a Guangzhou. When I finished my Chinese language then I started work in the kindergarten to teach children’s English language. So I have experience about this job. Bye-bye 👋

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