Name 姓名:
Sex 性别:
Age 年龄:
I think I'm from 来自:
My Current Area
China Jiangsu Zhenjiang
My Current Specific Spot (Street/Building Name)
Desired Job Categories
EDU - Private Institutes and kindergartens 学龄前/幼儿园EDU - Elementary & Secondary Public Schools 公立中小学EDU - Middle/High School Institutes 私立补习班EDU - Home/Private Tutoring 家教EDU - Other Teaching Jobs 其它教育类职位
Preferred Job Location
Anywhere aroung Zhenjiang
My Strong Points
Ability to teach,Enthusiasm,Multitasking.
Profile & Introduction
Yongkang “Saying” English Teaching Center.
English Teacher | November 2018- December 2018
• Engaged students in active, hands-on and creative problem-based learning.
• Implemented the designated curriculum completely and in due time.
• Maintained a safe, orderly environment conducive to learning.
• Promoted students’ intrinsic motivation by providing meaningful and progressively challenging learning experiences which include, but are not limited to: self-exploration, questioning, making choices, setting goals, planning and organizing, implementing, self-evaluating and demonstrating initiative in tasks and projects

Guangzhou between time info & tech Co. ltd
English Teacher | November 2015- June 2017
• Provided feedback to parents at scheduled meetings.
• Extracurricular classes and clubs
• Online and offline monitoring of student progression .
• Full management and responsibility of the English class.

Olla "between time" company
English Teacher | November 2015- June 2017

• Olla is an application for individuals all over the world who want to learn any language mostly English, my role in this company has been teaching individuals of all ages in Guangzhou English language, organizing several group discussions both online and offline where everyone has the chance to ask questions and share various ideas. This has been a successful process since most students pick up the English language in few weeks. My stay in this company has greatly improved my communication skills, multitasking ability, teamwork, recognition and respect for authority and has also improved my teaching skills. It is my greatest exception to have the opportunity to improve the various skills in my next job to help me in achieving future goals.


Jiangsu University - July 2021
Major – Management Science and Engineering (PHD)
• Supervisor – Dr. Mei Qian

Zhejiang Normal University - September 2016- July 2018
Major - Master’s in Business Administration (Marketing)
• Supervisor – Dr. Qian Da
• Dissertation: The impact of information asymmetry on the purchasing intentions of hedonic and utilitarian products.

South China University of Technology - September 2012 –July 2016
Major - Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade and Economics
• Supervisor - Prof.Yu Xiaojian
• Dissertation: The impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) and inflation in Ghana’s economy.

【Other Achievements】:

• Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship of Excellence– Zhejiang, China (2016)
• Awarded the multimedia president of International Student’s Union (ISU) (2017)
• Jiangsu University presidential scholarship.
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